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TIME FLIES WHERE DOES IT ALL GO? SPACELINK COMMERCIAL. INTERIORS. LIMITED Surfing Internet (persanal use| 147% Socializing with co-workers 23.4% Conducting personal business 6.8% Spacing out 3.9% Running errands off-premises 3.1% Making personal phone cals 2.3% Applying for other jobs L3% Planning personal events L.0% Arriwing lafe / Leaving early 10% Orher 12.5% TОР П TIME WASTING ACTIVITIES IOP h TIME WASTING INDUSTRIES IOP h TIME CONSERVING INDUSTRIES PER 8 HOUR DAY РА8 НОUR DAY Insurance 25 Hours 17 Hours Shipping and Recewing Public Sector 24 Hours 18 Hours Manufacturing Research & Development 23 Hours 18 Hours Healthcare Related Educat on 22 Hours 18 Hours Finance and Banking Softuare 22 Hours 2.0 Hours Marketing and Comms OP 6 EXCUSES Don't have enough work to do. 33.2% Underpaid for amount of work. 2340/ LJ.170 Co-workers distract me. H.7% Not enough after-work time 12.0% Other 167% Office Space Layout 26 Pbbounds Percentage of employees in dfferent office types reporting stress symploms, Bilin seperated by gender Lost from UK economy through time wasted in meetings in 200 Cell-office 10% 240% 10 hours + Shared Room (2-3 persons] senior managers and directors say they spend in meetings The amount of time one in five 1% per week 33% JJ70 49 Minutes The number of wasted minutes Small Open Plan (4-9 persons] in meetings not made up for later 10% 13% I Minutes Medium Size Open Plan (10-24 persons The average amount of time it takes for people's attention to drift in a meeting 1% 30% 2 hours 39 minufes Large Open Plan (25+ persons] The number of hours workers feel are wasted in meetings during an average week 18% 15% | Male |Female 10 12 34 5 6 78 9 10 I 2 BH 15 16 V B 19 20 a 2 23 21 25+ Office Sze (Population) % Reported Stress Symptoms

Office Space

shared by clairebearboat on Jul 18
The infographic I would like to submit shows just where our time goes in businesses in the UK. It highlights some of the money UK businesses are wasting every day as a result of their staff, and what ...


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