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Office Evolution

Compiled by OFFICE EVOLUTION Insight HOW BUSINESS GOT ITS HEAD IN THE CLOUDS What is the one thing that has changed on the desktop over the past 30 years? It's not the lamp, the pen, or an old favourite mug, but the technology that serves you. Take a trip down memory lane and see how much you remember. While greed may have been good for Gekko in the '80s, today's business leaders are thinking green and lean as they look to cloud services for scalability and cost reductions, one reason Forrester sees the global cloud computing market growing from $40.7bn in 2011 to $241bn in 2020. 2011 Spotify Signs of the trend towards 200 cloud-based services continued in July this year when Spotify launched its US service after Originally used solely to promote conversations on twitter with a common theme, the hashtag is now a recognised way to underline opinion and sentiment - finding its way from the boardroom to popular culture via TV shows like the X-Factor. 2008 delays and years of negotiation with the four major record companies. DONT WORRY, BE APPY By 2010 more than three billion apps had been downloaded 200 from Apple's app store alone, the firm revealed. 1:32 J. K. Rowling was one of the most successful business exports of the noughties. Days spent in an Edinburgh café were certainly not downtime. Warner Brothers bought the rights to her first book in 1999 and the world's love affair 20063 Demand for mobile eBooks will see sales hitting nearly $10bn in with HARRY POTTER 2016, tablets 2005 You Tube accounting for nearly 30 percent of all downloads, according to Juniper Research ad the Beatbly Halla with Harry Potter has made the unknown author richer than the Queen, according to The Sunday Times Rich List. 2004 2003 While technology has moved at a pace since the early '80s, the one desktop constant has been the mug. Whether your preference is for tea or coffee, it seems everyone likes to have their own an apparently territorial attempt at stamping your own identity on your working environment. Facebook actually launched in February 2004. In May of the 2002 same year North Korea would ban the mobile phone. 2001 The New York Stock Exchange and Lloyd's of London both started as coffee houses and today coffee's business worth means it is the second most traded product in the world after oil. It was Starbucks that reignited the UK's love affair with the coffee shop when it opened its doors in 1998. 2000s 2000 1999 HANDSOFF MYMUGI 1998 Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega was the first song used in the development of the MP3 - this file format would change the way music was stored and purchased for ever. 1997 The original Pentium SMS or Text messaging was first used in December 1992, when Neil Papworth, a 22- yr-old test engineer used a PC to send the message "Merry Christmas" via the Yodafone network, processors were the superscalar follow-on to the 80486 processor and were marketed from 1993 to 1999. 1996 1995 During the World Cup in 1990 Paul Gascoigne showed his vulnerable 199 side, shedding tears of frustration after his booking in the semi- final against West Germany ruled him out of the final. According to Wikipedia been around since the '60s, the tech only became affordable and accessible throughout the '90s. Email remains one of the most Whilst emails have England lost the game on The internet's huge impact on penalties, but that didn't stop Gazza reaching the peak of his popularity as 'Gazzamania' swept England. culture and commerce grew enormously throughout the '90s. During the latter part of the decade, it was estimated that traffic on the internet grew by 100% per year. 19 communication important tools in business today. NTNETI'ES 19 19 MS-DOS grew from a request by IBM in 1981 for an operating system for its range of PCs. During its life, several products were released for the x86 platform until development ceased in 2000. 19 By 1987 the 3.5" floppy disk was the most popular portable storage on the market the 'high density' 1987 version could be loaded with a massive 1.44 MB of information. MS US 1986 The IBM Selectric III was a must have piece of office tech in the '80s. Featuring a changeable 96 character type ball (AKA the golf ball) different fonts could easily be printed on the same document. "Greed, for lack of a better word, is, good," said Gordon Gekko in the 1987 classic, Wall Street. The film, with its power suits and unfeasibly large mobile phones, summed up the style and yuppie culture of the decade, Michael Douglas winning an Oscar for the role and creating a face for greed and corruption in the process. Telex Machines remained popular in the '80s, giving businesses a convenient way in which to send secure messages over long distances. As the decade moved on, the telex gave way to the fax machine. 198 TOS IOMY MUG bnuku

Office Evolution

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Through the years the things that we put on our desk have changed. This infographic takes a look at the evolution of the items that have sat on our desks, from type writers to smartphones.


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