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Office Envy: Inside 24 of the Best Offices

OFFICE ENVY Inside 24 of the Best Offices Lloyd's of London, London, United Kingdom 9 LLOYD'S The London office of insurance brand Lloyd's is known by some as the 'nsde-Out Bulding Cwng to ducts and ifts appearing on the outside to save space on the interior. It is now a Grade 1 isted buding CoUS Corus Entertainment Toronto, Canada ENTERTAINMENT Canadian modio and broadcasting company Corus Ertortainmont's Toronto HO spans 5 storoys A3 storay side ond loungs help to create a fun atmosphore to bring the 1,000 plus workforco together Hootsuite Vancouver, Canada hootsuite Hootsuite alows individuals and organizations to manage their social media accounts The Vancouver offices not only have beer taps in the ktchen (complete wth happy hour on Fridays at Spm) but there is also a yoga studio and pup tent offices Reserva Rio de Janeiro, Brazil O reserva The Brozilon fashion group's home is os trendy as their wears. The HQIS all about comfort and attention to detail with a whole wall dedicated to employoes' family pictures to mako thom fool at home Flag São Paulo, Brazil O Flag is a Brazlan tech company specialsing in branding The company's office reflects ths creotivity, with a meeting room thot doubles os a galery, handpicked fumiture and a green table-football rcom EETTEL TIMATEL Mediacom MEDIACOM Sydney, Australia Awarded the title of the worids leadng media agency MedioCom heps clents improve their brand's commurications Their offices are vbrant and colourful with hand-knitted socis around timber poks and graphics descrbing the companys core belefs MZUME NOTHINO OMM Missing Link Johannesburg, South Africa HSSING UNK Specialsing norgonising prosentations and conferences Missing Link's offices were designed with the idea that it should be a ploce both employees ond cleonts would ike to be. oasts a troo houso, tatto With this in mind the of nd shooting rango. Ogilvy & Mather Ogilvy & Mather Guangzhou. China O International advertising and PR company Oglvy S Mathor boasts offices all over the world The Guargzhou office was dosignod with a Carrival cof Ideas' theme and was seloctod as a recipient of China's Most Successful Design Award 2008. Innocent O innocent London, United Kingdom 9 Smoothe mokers Irnocent's office spons 5 floors and has been dubbed 'Fruit Towers The on-brond envirorment has on English far feel, complete with picnic tobles, bunting and fake grass Couchsurfing Qcouch surting San Francisco, United Stotes E Couchsurfing olows ndviduais to find people to stoy with while trovelng The company's offices comprse dfferent oreas eoch with their own unique bok, from a wooden loft to rerg, couch-filed meeting oreas Davies Meyer daviesmeyer Hamburg. Germany O Geman mutichannel agency Davies Meyer's office is a diverse spoce, offering wals ined with street art and decorative walpaper, next to skeek moncchrome walls While lounge areas and a coftee bar provide space for coleagues to come together Dropbox Dropbox San Francisco, United States e Dropbox is a fremum fle hosting service operating out of Calforria The company offers employees the chance to customise their work spaces, while the café is adomed with plarits ond décor includes bursts of colour on a neutral backdrop. Evernote EVERNOTE San Francisco, United States E orfering a suite of software and services for note taking and archiving Evernote's offices seck to stimulate creativity. The mainly white and wood interior is injected with bursts of colour and creative choik drawings. Google Google Tel Aviv, Israel a Google's Tel Avv office brings the outsde inside with an indoor orange grove, plants ond picnic tables Themed meeting rooms alow employees to discuss ideas amongst novelty surfboords ond tractors Facebook California, United States E Dosigned by Frank Gohry, who abo dosignod the Guggenhoim n Bilbao. Facebook's now Slicon Valey canmpus has the largest open floor plan in the world - housing approxmately 2800 employees - and a massive rooftop park INVENTIONLAND Inventionland Pittsburgh, United States e a "Caling itseir "America's largest invention factory'. Inventionkand is the home to irnovative new products. The 'office s made up of 16 unique themed sets, induding pirate ship and cove, os wel as a state of the art audio, video, and animation studio. LEGO Lego Billund, Denmark e A staple of most chldhoods, Lego's offices are everythng you'd dream they'd be with a Ibrary of Lego pieces and models on dsplay. The office was designed with key values such as turi, 'creativity' and 'nnovatiori in mind Microsoft Microsoft Vienna, Austria e Mercsoft's Venna compus hos a senes of themed meeting and conference rooms, including Oceari ond Hurting Lodge' A plont wal in reception weicormes pecpie into the buldng olong with an -ray mogo of a computer. Migo Migo Migo Manila, Philippines O Media infrastructure company Migo offers its employees o creative workng environment designed by Utwentysix The design of the office space rejects corporate norms and instood reflects the company's loid-back and creative culture. Mojang Stockholm. Sweden e MOJANG Swedish video game developer Mojang s responsble for a whole host of games, including Mnecroft. Their offices are equally cool with a speak-easy themed space and dócor more commorly seenin high-ond hotels. Pionen Stockholm, Sweden e PIONEN Formally a avil defence centre, Plonen is now a data centre run by internet provider Bahnihof. Bult into the White Mountains with a 40-cm thick door, and oniy reachable by an entrance tunnel the centre is capable of withstanding a hydrogen bomb Red Bull London, United Kingdom Red Bull The ororgy drink makers' London HO aims to stimulato their omployeos-Just liko their drinks Asnakng carbon-fibre element winds around the top fioors of the bulding whie a 3 storey video wal cocupies one area BBC The BBC Salford, United Kingdom 9 The British Broadcasting Corporation moved its HO from London to Salford in 2011. The stote of the art complex known as ModoCty is designed to encourage creatvity with giant neon ond metal booths caled 'thought wheels You Tube Youtube San Bruno, United States E YouTube's San Bruno HO is as innovative as the video it hosts and much emphasis is ploced on haalth and fitness with a pool and wakstations -a computer attached to a troadmil - on hand for employees to use. Sources unům www.telegraph.couk Because everyone needs a back-up plan

Office Envy: Inside 24 of the Best Offices

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The working environment is important for many reasons, not only can it impact upon employee wellbeing but it can also affect productivity and job satisfaction. This is something that a large number o...


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