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Office Cleaning Checklist

OFFICE CLEANING CHECKLIST We've highlighted some of the hotspots for germs and bacteria that can be found in an office - including yours! - so have a read through some of our shocking statistics and take note of the areas you should be cleaning, thoroughly! Desks Desk Accessories Clean workspaces increase productivity and profit margins. Keyboard - Keyboards can contain harmful bacteria that can even cause symptoms of food poisoning! Mouse - An average computer mouse was found to be three times dirtier than an average toilet seat. Phone - A study revealed there can be Vending Machines up to 25,127 germs per square inch on the average office telephone. Bacteria can spread from the buttons, to your hands, to your mouth. Windows Bins Roughly, around 70% of all office waste is recyclable yet only a mere 7.5% is actually recycled. Natural light is said to increase productivity and creativity levels, so keep your windows sparkly clean! Meeting Rooms Kitchen Areas First impressions are everything, and a Kitchens are hotspots for germs and company that cannot keep its office and meeting rooms clean and tidy is not a company that clients will want to do business with. bacteria. Be sure to clean areas that are regularly touched such as microwaves, toasters, fridges and fridge handles. Water Coolers Bathrooms Dehydration can cause lack of Regularly used office bathrooms are a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. concentration and therefore result in a loss of productivity. Make sure you keep water coolers that are clean and safe in Make sure you thoroughly clean the toilets, sinks, taps and mirrors on a the office. regular basis. Door Handles & Light Switches Floors Keeping office floors clean is crucial to preventing slips and trips, as well as keeping up the appearance of the workplace. A recent study revealed that the germs found on one single doorknob can spread a virus around a whole office within 2-4 hours! Sources: Created by Scott & Sons •E=

Office Cleaning Checklist

shared by ScottandSons on Aug 18
Follow this office cleaning checklist to make sure you don't miss a spot when cleaning an office environment. A clean office can make a huge difference for both health & safety and productivity so it'...


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