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Not All Duct Tape is Created Equal

NOT ALL DUCT TAPE IS CREATED EQUAL DUCT TAPE IS NOT A ONE-SIZE FITS-ALL TOOL. PERFORMANCE IS DEPENDENT ON THE APPLICATION AND ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH THE TAPE IS USED, AS WELL AS HOW THE TAPE IS MADE. KNOWING HOW EACH MANUFACTURING PROCESS – CO-EXTRUSION AND LAMINATION – IMPACTS PERFORMANCE WILL HELP YOU CHOOSE THE BEST DUCT TAPE FOR THE JOB AT HAND. CO-EXTRUDED VS. LAMINATED DUCT TAPE: WHICH ONE'S BEST FOR THE JOB? Location Surface Duration Indoor Outdoor Even Irregular Short Long Co-Extruded Best Best Best Good Best Best Laminated Best Good Best Best Best Good BREAKING DOWN 3 KEY FACTORS FOR CONSIDERATION LOCATION Tape used outside may encounter exposure to sun and unfavorable weather conditions. Co-extruded duct tape has an airtight construction which prevents delamination, making it a better choice for outdoor use. 2 SURFACE Laminated duct tape is a better choice for uneven or curved surfaces because it is more flexible. Co-extruded duct tape has a stiffer, less-conformable backing. 3 DURATION Because co-extruded duct tape is less susceptible to delamination it delivers strong performance for long-term projects that may encounter repeated stress and impact. ? WHAT IS DELAMINATION? Delamination occurs when tape layers separate and weaken from a failure of composite materials, typically caused by air or water penetration and repeated stress from exposure to weather elements. The co-extrusion manufacturing process creates airtight construction, eliminating the possibility of delamination. HOW TO TELL A TAPE IS CO-EXTRUDED: Co-extruded duct tape has a recognizable, dotted appearance You can also check for a notation on the manufacturer's website or technical literature Footnote: Shurtape This information should be used as a general guide and does not reflect performance of every co-extruded or laminated duct tape. Please check with the manufacturer before using or purchasing. TRUE TO YOUR WORK

Not All Duct Tape is Created Equal

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Duct tape performance is dependent on the application and the environment in which the tape is used, as well as how the tape is made. Knowing how each manufacturing process, co-extrusion and laminati...


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