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Next step in HR: Introduction to Prosourcing

yesterday was Outsourcing. today is Crowdsourcing. tts PROSOURCING tomorrow OUTSOURCING yestirday Def-i-ni-tion Out-source [out-sawrs] –verb 1. To contract out certain business task, previously performed internally, to an independent outside organization. Top 500 Companies worlwide 40-50% use outsourcing 2. MILLIONS jobs outsourced in 2011 Types of services being outsourced 2$ Financial 11% of Financial Services Services Information 28% of Information Technology Technology Sales 14% of Sales & Marketing & Marketing Human Resources 11% of Human Resources Others 32% of Others 20 40 60 80 100 16% OF OUTSOURCNE 22% OF OUTSOURCHG 13% OF OUIS CURCNE Most Popular Outsourcing Destinations **................ Top Outsourcers #1 #2 #3 IBM EDS DELL 63,700 jobs outsour ced 22,400 jobs outsourced 17,450 jobs outsourced Outsourcing industry's projected global revenue in 2016 Enormous Growth of the Outsourcing Industry $480 billion today CROWDSOURCING Def-i-ni-tion Crowd-source [kroud-sawrs] –verb 1. To complete a task, previosly performed internally, by outsourcing it to a large network of people in the form of an open call. Origin First Known Use: 2006 WIRED magazine article Coined by: Jeff Howe MAJOR PLAYERS 1 million users Zhubajile THUBAJIE TIН ODesk Desk Elance 2 3 4 # Millions of Users Types of services #1 being- crowsourced #2 Writing & Translation #3 Administrative Support @ #5 #4 Web Development Sales & Marketing Graphic Design #6 #7 Software Development Business Service #8 Networking & Information Systems Revenues Growing Each Year 53% growth 74% growth 2009 2010 2011 Revenues of Business-focused crowdsourcing firms English-speaking crowdsourcing sites dominated by Indian users 50% of top 25 are from India Elance earners Top 3 Indian Elance Users earned $4 million combined in 2012 You may be asking : Can I use crowdsourcing On to find localized labor? Can I trust the Crowd ? How can crowdsourcing be improved ? What comes next ? The Answer PROSOURCING tomorrow The Next Step in the EVOLUTION of Hiring Hiring Outsourcing Crowdsourcing PROSOURCING Def-i-ni-tion Pro-source [pro-sawrs] –verb 1. Prosouring is a technology driven outsourcing system to fulfill international projects. It generates professional profiles based on social data and parlays this information to match skills with business tasks. PROSOURCING EXAMPLE U.S. wine producer wants to sell more wine in Brazil. Prosourcing platform locates best Brazilian... ... online marketers / influencers with the expertise in the wine industry. Brand is more recognizable in Brazil and company sells more wine. PROSOURCING helps save: %24 Time Energy Money Follow the Prosourcing space: visit Prosourcing follow @prosourcing .org SOURCES : Statistic Brain Compare Business Products AktrionFM Dubai Outsource Zone TechCrunch Woll Street Journal %24

Next step in HR: Introduction to Prosourcing

shared by Prosourcing on Mar 22
This infographic profiles the various methods of outsourcing. It provides statics and information on outsourcing, crowdsourcing, and prosourcing. Learn more about the evolution of hiring and the benef...




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