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New York Startups & Outsourcing

New York Startups & Outsourcing United States The US startup industry development across the country represented in 1000s Total: 18 796 startups • Washington 5% 5.7% 25% Chicago ti 36% West coast San Francisco. Los Angelos. San Diego 5% 3.7% East coast Texas New York. South Maiami 6 North Carolina Silicon Valley VS. Silicon Alley asanfrancisco | anewyork New York IT industry from finance, fashion, advertisement and media beat the tight knit of tech found in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay, because New York startups are more consumer-focused, attract more seed stage investments and enjoy larger pool of various industries talents. 3078 2724 Internet startups Silicon Valley Startup companies New York startup companies 481 Top New York Startups VC Investments ($) in New York by Sector Healthcare Business Products nteractivel 16% t 247 Etsy 5% Internet SQUIDOO 6% REALMEDIA 64% Mobile 8 Tolecom 6% New York startup scene in 2013 Software - fresh ecosystem: - growing percent of seed stage investments: - accelerators, seed funds & co-working spaces continue to set-up shops in New York; - international business entry: Major US outsourcing destinations 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 Latin America China Europe India - India reemerges as an outsource destination: - Latin America offers the advantages of proximity and a skilled labor force: - China remains a top outsource destination; - Both Western 8 Eastern Europe are gaining in popularity. Outsourcing myths: - Low price = Low quality: - Freelancers are unmotivated; - Your IP is at risk; - Anyone who is not local or sitting next to me is less skilled: - There is a high management overhead; - All outsourcing is from India or Russia: - Paying someone $15 is abuse; all the information used comes from a variety of sources including,,,,, For any enquires, comments and corrections, please write [email protected] Made by ogagile With love 2012 2011 2009 2008

New York Startups & Outsourcing

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New York’s blossoming startup ecosystem is leveling the US entrepreneurial landscape, becoming another center of tech hangouts. However, NYC startups have a distinguishing characteristic with an air...




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