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The New LinkedIn By The Numbers

INESS Rise of the new LinkedIn Rise of the New LinkedIn by the numbers You used to only check LinkedIn for job listings every few months- LinkedIn's New Numbers so why are working professionals suddenly spending hours on it every week? Worldwide Growth NUMBER OF USERS In 2017, 2011 2017 Linked in 2003 2007 500,000 13 MILLION 140 MILLION statistics users users users 500 100,000 articles published weekly 10+ MILLION 9+ MILLION MILLION active job listings companies users -LinkedIn usage in the United States Members Jobs Posted Recruiting 138 20,000 companies use LinkedIn for recruiting MILLION MILLION per month Who Logs On? In 2016, 29% of online adults used LinkedIn LinkedIn user characteristics (out of online adults worldwide) Education Household Income Employment status 50% 27% 12% 45% 21% 35% 17% College grads Some college >$75,000 income <$30,000 income Employed Unemployed High school grad or less Deeper, More Frequent Engagement - In 2017, worldwide active users* are growing 227 240 260 MILLION MILLION MILLION *Log on at least once a month January February March 20% increase in content consumption "I read interesting articles/videos on my LinkedIn feed" 16% 36% 2014 2016 The reason for this jump in activity? People don't log in to just update their resumes anymore BEFORE: Job Hunt Only New Reasons for Using LinkedIn NOW: Networking & Personal Branding In August 2017, in the U.S. there were 35% 7.1 MILLION 79% of professionals say 61% of professionals say regular online interac- tion with networks can lead networking is of job seekers use unemployed people social networks to contact potential employers valuable for 4.4% unemployment rate career growth job opportunities 24% use social networks to contact recruiters or headhunters 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn while making their next career decision 79% 61% 35% 50% 35% of professionals say a casual conversation 50% of Linkedin members have found a job Most average LinkedIn connections per user on LinkedIn Messaging through a mutual has led to a new connection opportunity Countries Cities Amsterdam: 288 Industries Netherlands: 188 London: 307 San Francisco Bay Area: 241 United Arab Emirates: 211 Singapore: 152 Human resources: 380 Venture capital and private equity: 423 Staffing and recruiting: 702 Expert Opinions on the New LinkedIn MER NDIS FAM "When I joined LinkedIn, no one was posting anything related to their professional life in a way that truly utilized the beauty of storytelling. When people started doing that, Linkedin became an outlet for many people. It's become a community I can count on for everything." "Linkedin was always a phenomenal place for employed professionals to network. However, recent changes "If you're starting out, don't try to write something for the sake of the vanity. When you're shooting for numbers, you probably won't reach a lot of people. Be yourself and share your perspective. That's the best way to build an audience." to the platform encourage ongoing engagement through status updates, video, immediate feedback, and viral views." Manu Goswami Business Development Associate JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital Robyn D. Stoller-Shulman Senior Editor, 51 Talk Thomas Ma Co-Founder, Sapphire Apps LinkedIn is changing along with its users Focus on Making Connections New Features Leroy Jenkins Important thinker, Creator, Innovator, Artist, Idea. Passionate, Child-like Innovator 2d ' Edited Not sure how to plan an effective raid? Follow these easy steps to have a great Native video Active status See when connections are online and ready to chat success in your raid. String Nganye o V er e+ Feow First LINKEDLME videa with Nehak Vahra - tang nd taing abot vido on kedin Watch ehukrap ste tap DKI a Like a Commant A Shara Active and available Available on mobile Share in-person status updates, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes videos on the LinkedIn mobile app ateind lcesofha o String Story Suzanne Nguyen Y. 12:3D in Messages Virginia Sandoval Thanks, and surel Tomorrow is good for me Messaging Start informal conversations with Facebook-style instant messaging 08:45 Ronald Palmer This is great feed back, I have to concur its extremely subtle, even if we swap the icon. Louis, Kimberty, Thomas.. Louis: Can you tell me w is? There are lots of ways we can try something. hat a clean escalation InMail | Career Opportunity Katherine Gordon Video filters Apply Snapchat-style filters to videos taken through the LinkedIn app at conferences and conventions I saw that you are a UX designer and was very impressed by your experience, background. Craig Lawrence Great, awesome job at that presentation! Daniel Howard Apr 25 Thanks for getting back to met Completely understand and I look forward to staying in. Lori Murphy Apr 22 What to watch for in the future Given the vast majority of our users will be on CELEBRATION Mentoring Free service would match LinkedIn members In 2017: Limited launch in San Francisco and Australia with seasoned pros who give career advice Access to Top Thought Leaders Jeff Weiner CEO, LinkedIn Liz Ryan Founder & CEO, Human Workplace Mohamed El-Erian Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz 6,633,664 Followers* 2,556,53 Followers* 1,476,151 Followers" Posts about: Posts about: Posts about: - Company improvement, landing your dream job - Global economy - Financial markets Monetary policy - Linkedin Trends Integration with Microsoft - Leadership LinkedIn's Effectiveness According to a 2016 Jobvite report 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to evaluate candidates 40% 87% Employees sourced through LinkedIn are 40% less likely to leave the company within the first 6 months Up 7.2% With all of the growth and updates, it looks like the new LinkedIn is here to stay! LinkedIn 1.22 1.31 hiring rate* August August 2017 2016 *Percentage of members who changed their employer's name on their profile divided by total number of U.S. members Sources: /2016/11/11/social-media-update-2016 research. /the-future-of-content-marketing -content/uploads/2016/09/RecruiterNation2016.pdf Presented by: 1. tages-of-linkeds-epic-growth-from-500000-to-500-million-users.html DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING "numbers as of Sept 2017 images via woɔ'uipayun bo1g BIA sabeun

The New LinkedIn By The Numbers

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Are you using the new LinkedIn to its fullest? Chances are there are some updates you haven't learned about yet.




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