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New Age Jobs

NEW AGE JOBS The Career Path of GEN Y AND GEN Z PAST Most of the jobs in the960s were in production such as agriculture or manufacturing, which employed EDUCATION Most popular bachelor's degree in In 1961, only 34% of women were employed. of workers. BUSINESS became the most popular bachelor's degree by 1980 A fifth of all employment in the U.S. falls into just 10 job categories. Now Retail Salespersons 43 Million Cashiers 3.3 Million Food Preparation and Serving Workers 2.9 Million By 2015, Millennials will represent Office Clerks 2.8 Million Registered Nurses 2.6 Million 050% Customer Service Reps 2.3 Million Laborers and Freight Workers 2.1 Million Janitors 2.1 Million of the workforce worldwide. Secretaries and Admin Assistants 2.0 Million Many jobs today DID NOT EXIST 10 years ago. App Developer Data Miner Admissions Consultants Millennial Generational Expert The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 did not Social Media Cloud Computing Technologist User Experience Designer exist in 2004. Sustainability Expert Manager For a student starting a four-year technical or college program, half of what they learn in their first year of study will be outdated by their third year. 65% Future of Kindergarteners will grow up to have jobs that currently do not exist. What does the future hold for Gen Y and Gen Z? SKILLS NEEDED FOR THE FUTURE CRITICAL THINKING ENTREPRENEURISM CREATIVITY PROBLEM SOLVING DIGITAL LITERACY PREDICTIONS FORJOBS IN 2030 DIGITAL ARCHITECT WASTE DATA HANDLER Designs a selection of virtual buildings for advertisers and retailers to market their products Disposes of data waste in a responsible way ELDERLY WELL-BEING CONSULTANT IIt CLIMATE CONTROLLER Manages and modifies weather patterns Specializes in holistic and personalized care for the elderly AVATAR MANAGER Designs and manages holograms of virtual people BODY PART ENGINEER Creates living body parts for transplants MEMORY AUGMENTATION SURGEON 80 NANO-MEDIC Creates very small implants for health monitoring and self-medication Helps preserve and improve memory in an aging population VERTICAL FARMER CHILD DESIGNER Farms crops upwards rather than across flat fields to conserve space Designs offspring that fit parental requirements SOURCES Wagepoint Jobs_That_ Dont Exist_Yet.html Bring Your Workforce to Life

New Age Jobs

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Ever catch yourself wondering what jobs in the future are going to be like for your kids? Ten years ago, people didn’t work as social media managers or UX designers, but sure enough these jobs exis...




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