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Network Security

Network Security The Top 5 Security Threats on your Network During last few years there have been a number of high profile hacks & breaches:it has become apparent that security professional and IT departments have to remain alert in order to protect their organization IT infrastructure Social Engineering Threat 1 Social engineering is one of the oldest tactics that hackers have at their disposal,with the roots of the techniques steeped firmly in the hacker's ability to use their intelligence to take advantages of the human aspect of security 18 victims 556 Million There are 18 victims of Cybercrime every second,that's 556 Million per year. Threat 2 Internal Threats It's sad but true fact that some of the most devastating attacks have come from the inside,whether it is employee fraud or a the vengeful actions of a disgruntled employee who feels wronged by the company 59% 59% of ex-employees admitted to stealing company data when leaving previous jobs Bring Your Own Device or BTOD Threat 3 It is the policy of allowing employee to bring personally owned laptops, tablets and smart phones to their workplace and allowing those devices to access resource on the company networks BYOD Breakdown of Cybercrime Motivation in 2014 BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE 44% Hacktivism Cyber Warfare 4% 5% 47% Cyber Espionage Cyber Crime Threat 4 Cloudy Security Breakdown of Cyber Crime Incident Types & Frequency 43% 31% 28% 16% 13% 13% 12% 11% Insecure Malicious Virus or Mobile Web-Based Insecure Lost/ Negligent Disposal Insider Malware Workforce Attack Third Stolen Insider Party Phones Botnets Threat 5 BOT Criminals use bot networks for a variety of uses,such as sending spam emails,spreading viruses,attacking computers and servers or commiting acts of fraud. Its clear that in today's digital landscape that an organizations IT infrastructure can come under attack from numerous different channels. Most organizațtions don't have the internal resources to properly secure themselves against the threats of cybercrime, thať's why seeking expertise from network security professionals is recommended. Designed & Developed In Public Interest by: HertSolutions Source:

Network Security

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Network security[1] consists of the provisions and policies adopted by a network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and net...




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