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NetMotion Wireless MOBILITY®

(NETMOTION WIRELESS FACING THE UNIQUE CHALLENGES OF MOBILE ACCESS WITHOUT WITH MOBILITY МOBILITY MOBILE WORKER ) (9) UNMANAGED CONNECTIVITY Connectivity is unmanaged and subject to intermittant loss as the user travels SECURE, MANAGED CONNECTIVITY Persistent and reliable connectivity no matter what combination of networks are used 民 。 CONNECTION LOST Application Terminated LOG IN LOST DATA DATA ENTRY DATA ENTRY MAINTAIN DATA As the user moves, device As user moves, device User accesses apps and data. Connection appears healthy. User accesses apps and data. indicates lost connection Connection appears healthy. seamlessly roams between & data is lost networks while data is maintained DECREASED PRODUCTIVITY INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY User frustration rises as data is lost and they have to re-login due to a dropped connection Better overall user experience because they can get their job done despite unreliable conditions IT SUPPORT MANUAL TROUBLESHOOTING INFORMED TROUBLESHOOTING & GUESSWORK & COMPLETE VISIBILITY CONNECTIVITY VISIBILITY CONNECTIVITY VISIBILITY Vulnerable to security Access real-time usage Unable to optimize mobile workforce due to a Improve application performance and work seamlessly over multiple attacks, lost connections, metrics for networks, and worker downtime lack of visibility devices, and apps networks CONTROL DIAGNOSTICS CONTROL DIAGNOSTICS Subject to costly data overages and unhappy Play lengthy guessing Customize policies by device or user to prioritize traffic Pinpoint and resolve game to determine connectivity issues workforce due to lack of root cause of issues based on networks and end-to-end customizable policies apps in use UNKNOWN MOBILE VALUE MAXIMIZE YOUR MOBILE INVESTMENT Without the capabilities of NetMotion Mobility® IT admin are ill-equipped to face the unique challenges of mobile access and users are faced with the risk of impaired productivity in today's highly mobile workforce. NetMotion Mobility® is the only intelligent VPN solution for secure connectivity and management of mobile deployments. Over 3,000 organizations and over 1,000,000 users worldwide depend on NetMotion software to get their jobs done. ROI COSTS PRODUCTIVITY COSTS PRODUCTIVITY INCREASED COSTS REDUCED COSTS $$$$ 66 Before the NetMotion Mobility® pilot we Uninformed troubleshooting and an inability to optimize performance through real-time analysis leads to slower progress, more overtime and a costly decrease in production were facing 90-plus trouble tickets a month. At the end of six months, we were down to almost nothing. Allina Homecare REDUCED PRODUCTIVITY INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY 66 Lost time due to network failures in Reliable access directly from customer sites gives each mobile sales manager an extra hour per day to spend in the field- the field along with delayed activity because of the many challenges thrown at an unsupported IT staff all contribute to a measurable decrease in production a total of 1.1 million more hours of productive selling time with customers US Foods LACK OF IMPROVEMENTS OVERALL IMPROVEMENTS 66 Increased costs and reduced productivity impede progress and threaten a company's overall integrity and relevance in today's highly mobile work environment AT&T reported a 1.8 times increase in jobs performed per day, a 54% decrease in overtime and a 43% reduction in expenses. AT&T MOBILITY IT SIMPLY WORKS. But you don't have to take our word for it... TRY IT FOR FREE, FOR 30 DAYS without obligation, in a test environment or actual production. Try it against your current VPN and see the difference.

NetMotion Wireless MOBILITY®

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The ease of mobile access and productivity with NetMotion MOBILITY®


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