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Negative Space In Graphic Design

NEGATIVESPACE IN D ES IG N Negative space is a crucial design element. It is the intentional space around and between design element, sometimes in the form of a shape or pattern, to bring attention to the design. Negative space, when used properly, directs viewer's attention and contributes to better user experience. THE UPSIDES OF NEGATIVE SPACE It serves as a break for It brings attention to the web page visitors and gives them the time to think and absorb message on a web page. Negative space can hone specific elements on a information. page. Without changing font style or size, negative space can make a message more readable and easy to grasp. Ex Ex The way you place negative space on your page can help direct the flow of a page and user's attention. Negative space can be used to build visual CLICK HERE hierarchy or create optical illusions to highlight/pop CTAS. 7 TIPS TO HARNESS THE POWER OF NEGATIVE SPACE NEGATIVE SPACE IS NOT NECESSARILY WHITE Negative Space is sometimes referred to as 'whitespace', however, it is not necessarily white or in a single color. Negative space can be in more than one colors, variation or with d.ts. texture. NEGATIVE SPACE NEEDS TO BE BALANCED Like every other element in the design, negative space needs to be balanced too. Too much or too little negative space could make a design look bad, lop-sided and confused. Negative Space Balanced Positive Space NEGATIVE SPACE MUST GO WITH THE NATURAL FLOW Great designs follow the natural visual flow without superimposing space on the viewer. Unnatural negative space could make a design appear cluttered. NEGATIVE SPACE WORKS BEST WITH MINIMALIST DESIGNS Essentially, minimalism complements negative space. Therefore, it is best to make use of minimal design elements with the negative space. NEGATIVE SPACE CAN BE MICRO OR MACRO There is no formula for entrenching negative space in a design. It can cover a large area on the canvas or it can be that small space between objects, depending on the need of design. NEGATIVE SPACE aa DRIVES HIERARCHY OF DESIGN Visual hierarchy plays a vital role in bringing website's message to the center of attention. And negative space can be effectively used to emphasize or de-emphasize specific elements in a layout. NEGATIVE SPACE vs. POSITIVE SPACE Both negative and positive space work hand-in-hand. Whether you are designing a web layout or a print collateral, negative and positive space work together to spice up a design. Positive Space Negative Space dn DesignMantic

Negative Space In Graphic Design

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Negative space is the blank space or area surrounding an image or text, which is integrated into a design to highlight the body of text or object in question. Not is negative space known to increase l...


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