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The Most Expensive Business Takeovers in 11 Major Industries

The Most Expensive BUSINESS TAKEOVERS IN 11 MAJOR INDUSTRIES A Technology (Digital - software/online services) 103030004 $5.7 $2.6 $10110 BILLION BILLION BILLION ebay fo EBAY YAHOO FACEBOOK BOUGHT BOUGHT ACQUIRED SKYPE BROADCAST.COM INSTAGRAM eBay sold Skype at a loss just 4 years later The purchase worked out as $10,000 per user Instagram gained design & engineering resources through the merger 2005 1997 2012 A Technology (Physical- products) $24.4 $25 BILLION BILLION $429 MILLION SILVER LL LAKE eXt SILVERLAKE COMPAQ APPLE BOUGHT DELL COMPUTER ACQUIRED BOUGHT HEWLETT-PACKARD CO. NEXT Founder Michael Dell made the purchase with private equity firm Silverlake Created an $87 billion leading tech company The merger saw Steve Jobs, then CEO of NeXT, return to Apple 2013 2001 1996 X Airlines $11 BILLION $3 $2.6 BILLION BILLION AA Delta DELTA AIR LINES UNITED AIRLINES MERGED WITH CONTINENTAL AIRLINES AMERICAN AIRWAYS MERGED WITH MERGED WITH US AIRWAYS NORTHWEST AIRLINES The now combined American Airlines is The largest airline United Airlines merger in history at the time, with 786 formed, with a serves up to 370 destinations network of 6,700 daily flights to 330 destinations aircraft 2010 2013 2008 $ Finance $100 BILLION $70 BILLION $57.5 BILLION citi Cons ak FORTIS, BANCO SANTANDER, ROYAL BANK CITICORP BANKAMERICA MERGED WITH MERGED WITH OF SCOTLAND GROUP NATIONSBANK TRAVELERS TO BECOME CITIGROUP BOUGHT BY TO BECOME ABN AMRO HOLDING BANK OF AMERICA Merged to form assets Currently the world's Possessed combined of over $700 billion biggest bank takeover assets of $570 billion on formation 1998 2007 1997 Entertainment $186.2 BILLION $80 BILLION $16.7 BILLION VIACOM inline NBC VIACOM AMERICA ONLINE INC NBC UNIVERSAL MERGED WITH ACQUIRED ACQUIRED BY CBS TIME WARNER COMCAST Consolidated existing control by purchasing channels: CBs, MTV, platform of 22 million the remaining 49% of the company Viacom took The deal saw Time ownership of Warner acquire a VHI and Nickelodeon subscribers 1999 2000 2009 A Automotive $37 BILLION $1.15 $800 BILLION MILLION O WD- JA TATA DVER DAIMLER YSLer "BENZ TATA BOUGHT JAGUAR & LAND ROVER DAIMLER BENZ BMW ACQUIRED BOUGHT FROM FORD CHRYSLER ROVER Ford paid approx. $600 million into the Jaguar-Land Rover pension fund on closure The merger later failed, Rover was sold to Phoenix Consortium for just £10 in 2000 The company formed Daimler Chrysler 2008 1998 1994 Medical $110 BILLION $73.5 $72.4 BILLION BILLION Pfizer er wesk B WellSK SANOFI SANOFI-SYNTHELABO PFIZER GLAXO WELLCOME ACQUIRED BOUGHT MERGED WITH SMITHKLINE BEECHAM AVENTIS WARNER-LAMBERT Becoming 'Sanofi Becoming 'Pfizer pfe Becoming GlaxoSmithKline 2004 2000 2000 Telecommunications $112 BILLION $12.5 BILLION $1.5 BILLION GoogleA vodafone airtouch GOOGLE VODAFONE AIRTOUCH T-MOBILE BOUGHT ACQUIRED ACQUIRED MOTOROLA MOBILITY MANNESMANN METROPCS Google hired new Serves 42 million The companies merged to 'rewrite the rules of wireless Motorola executives including Nokia VP Mark Randall customers across America, Australia, UK. France, Italy &Germany 2011 2000 2013 D Fuel UUUUU $250 BILLION OFOFED OFOED OFDED $100 BILLION $80.1 BILLION Chevron Ex Exon obil Dutch Mobil CHEVRON EXXON ROYAL DUTCH PETROLEUM MERGED WITH BOUGHT MERGED WITH SHELL TRANSPORT TEXACO MOBIL & TRADING Previously 60% owned by Royal The combined Rationalisation company had reserves of 11.2 billion barrels of oil costs were around Dutch Petroleum. $2.8 billion 40% by Shell Transport & Trading 2001 2007 2005 D Food $23 BILLION $13.4 BILLION $1 BILLION Mars RIGLEY apple QUAKER DATS Unilover *...* UNILEVER PLC & NV ACQUIRED QUAKER OATS ACQUIRED SNAPPLE BEVERAGE CO. MARS MERGED WITH BESTFOODS WRIGLEY The acquisition added Knorr and Hellman's to the Unilever portfolio Wrigley became a stand-alone subsidiary of Mars Snapple was later sold to a holding company for just S300 million 2000 2008 1994 Z Beverages $52 BILLION $1 $181 BILLION MILLION !NBEV Coca-ColaMalla CONSTELLATION ACQUIRED ROBERT MONDAVI CORPORATION INBEV BOUCHT COCA-COLA BOUGHT ANHEUSER-BUSCH ODWALLA The merger united the maker of Budweiser The deal included Odwalla's and Michelob with Bass, management stayed Brahma and Stella Artois on as part of the deal assumption $325 million in debt 2004 2008 2001 The Most Expensive BUSINESS TAKEOVERS IN 11 MAJOR INDUSTRIES G The Gap Partnership ©

The Most Expensive Business Takeovers in 11 Major Industries

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This is a look at the most expensive takeovers in the world's biggest, most profitable industries. From technology to aerospace, all the bases are covered. Did you know you could buy Land Rover and ...


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