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The Most Dangerous Jobs

THE MOST DANGEROUS JOBS ASTRONAVT Number of current astronauts: 552 Wage: $64,700 - $141,700 (£37,800 - £82,800) Fatalities: 30 since 1961 Apollo 13 travelled: 400,171 KM in space, making it the furthest manned space mission ever. PILOT Commercial pilots in the US: 104,100 Wage: $128,800 (£75,300) Fatalities: 9 annually (Average) On average: Pilots die every year. CONSTRUCTION Construction labourers in the US: 1,284,600 Wage: $20,400- $38,500 (E11,900 - £22,500) Fatalities: 210 (US fatalities in 2012) Falls from elevation account for one in construction. nird of all deaths POWER WORKER Power workers/linemen in the US: 249,400 Wage: $48,700 - $94,300 (£28,400 - £55,000) Fatalities: 26 (US fatalities in 2012) Line workers deal with Voltages of: 155,000 TO 765,000 ROOFER Roofers in the US: 132,700 Wage: $21,700 - $52,300 (E12,600 - £30,500) Fatalities: 84 (US fatalities in 2012) LUMBERJACK Loggers/Lumberjacks in the US: 43,900 Wage: $34,600 (£20,200) Fatalities: 62 (US fatalities in 2012) On average, there are: 70 roofer fatalities per year. Most loggers are only allowed to cut trees that are 60-70 years old. These trees are tall, big and could reach 30 inches or more in diameter. II II TRUCK DRIVER Truck drivers in the US: 3.5 million Due to being on the road all day, trucker's diets are poor: Wage: $24,800 - $43,300 (£14,500 - £25,300) Fatalities: 741 (US fatalities in 2012) 86% of truckers are overweight or obese. STEEL WORKER Structural Iron/Steel Workers in the US: 58,100 Wage: $20,400- $38,500 (E11,900 - £22,500) Fatalities: 22 (US fatalities in 2012) Steel workers carry 4-inch wide metal planks and sometimes climb ladders at hundreds of feet above the ground. RECYCLING COLLECTOR Recycling Collectors in the US: 3,428,800 Wage: $35,200 (£20,900) Fatalities: 26 (US fatalities in 2012) On average every person in the UK throws away their own body weight in rubbish every 7 weeks. AGRICULTVRAL WORKER Agricultural Workers in the US: 3,000,000 Wage: $18,900 (E11,200) Fatalities: 216 (US fatalities in 2012) On average, every hour, 365 days a year, around $6 billion in U.S agricultural products will be consigned for shipment for export to foreign markets. FISHERMAN Fishermen in the US: 31,300 Wage: $34,600 (£20,200) Fatalities: 35 (US fatalities in 2012) Fishermen are more likely to get struck by lightning than anyone else. UNDERWATER WELDER Underwater welders in the US: Unknown Wage: $58,600 - $94,600 (£34,200 - £55,200) Fatalities: 30 out of 200 (Average) Main risks for underwater welders are electric shocks, explosions and having nitrogen diffuse in their blood in dangerous proportions. Westermans International Together we Weld the World Sources:

The Most Dangerous Jobs

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We have collated some great statistics about the world's most dangerous jobs. From how many people do that specific job, to how many fatalities per year; this infographic will keep you on the edge of your seat.




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