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More Content, More Problems: The Struggles of a Sales Rep

MORE CONTENT, MORE PROBLEMS: The Struggles of A Sales Rep B2B sales are often complex, time-consuming, and frustrating. Conditions can change at a moment's notice, and sales reps end up spending more time on internal activities and preparation than actually selling to customers. Thankfully, now there's a solution that helps streamline sales complexity and makes sales reps' lives easier: sales playbook software. A Day In The Life Of A Modern Salesperson O Prospect 2 Interview O Analyze needs S ales rep Harold wakes up each day ready for his job. He goes to work and hopes O Present that he's able to move some O Negotiate OClose O Service & follow-up opportunities along using the standard sales process and tools he's been trained on: HOWEVER the sales process rarely goes so smoothly. HAROLD HAS TO: A Adapt his sales approach to his already-educated buyer. Assemble and synthesize content needed to support each stage of the selling process. Stay up to date on all product features and messaging. Articulate value to all decision makers - there's no one decision maker anymore; it's buying by consensus. Satisfy the needs of multiple internal and external stakeholders, including the client, legal, IT, and business sponsors. G Adapt to changes in people, products, competitors, priorities, and schedules. $ Make his sales quota. There are a lot of problems that can come up on an average day, and Harold has a lot on his plate. Here's a sampling of all THE CHALLENGES HAROLD MEETS IN ONE DAY: LEARNING The ROPES 6. 9 months On average, new sales need reps to become fully effective. JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP Sometimes, it can take up to 1 year. NOT ENOUGH TIME TO SELL # arold of his wants to be time out selling to clients, 59% doing other tasks. but instead he spends The 2011 Sales Optimization Survey from CSO Insights reports on how salespeople use their time: 41% 24% 19% 16% is spent selling over the phone or face-to-face. is spent in meetings or administrative tasks. is spent researching is spent on "other" accounts and miscellaneous tasks. generating leads. ALIGNING MARKETING with SALES # arold knows that the marketing team has developed valuable information that he can use when making his sales - but he can't find it. According to IDC, 40% In some , organizations, it can be up to of all marketing materials are not used by sales teams. 90% End-users The top are unable to locate reason materials or access go unused the materials. INFORMATION Harold knows it's important to be prepared, but it's nearly impossible to make sense out of the overabundance of information at his disposal. OVERLOAD There are just too many sources: CRM system, sales apps, marketing automation, and tonş more! In order to find information on clients, sales reps have to check: 72.5% Internet Business Membership Groups 65.6% O CRM System 60.6% O Search Engines 45% O Press Releases 37.6% O Social Networking Sites 37.2% O Manual Search and Entry 35.8% Business Information Providers 32.6% Financial Statements Making Sense Out Of Chaos H arold is under pressure to close a deal and needs to prepare – but he's completely overwhelmed with content. He ends up spending all day synthesizing resources. 18 in 10 ales teams feel somewhat or very challenged by the amount of data available and the time it takes to research a prospect before making a call. believe that their company has missed 88% some or many opportunities because sales reps cannot leverage all internal, external, and social prospect information available. HAROLD'S SOLUTION: SALES PLAYBOOKS How can Harold's day get easier? By taking away the difficulty and confusion of trying to synthesize an overflow of information. This is best done by using sales playbooks, which: Consolidate all information in one centralized location. Y Automatically filter and recommend content that's customized to the opportunity. I Provide “guided selling" assistance, giving sales reps relevant information to their current status in the sales process. Sales and Marketing organizations who’ve deployed sales playbooks have: 9% more sales achieving quota reps higher overall 8% team attainment of sales quota. 1.1 Higher Lead conversion rate VS. 30% 25% Best-in-Class companies are nearly twice as likely to use sales playbooks. Want to join the best? Check out Qvidian Sales Playbooks & Analytics. SOURCES Sales Playbooks: How The Best-in-Class Connect Marketing and Sales Throughout the Entire Selling Lifecycle, Aberdeen Group, 2012. Qvidian THE BUSINESS OF WINNING productivity-intro/optimising-time-to-sales-rep-productivity INFORMATION

More Content, More Problems: The Struggles of a Sales Rep

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This infographic walks through a day in the life of a modern B2B sales rep, highlighting the challenges that pop up along the way. B2B sales are often complex, time-consuming, and frustrating. Conditi...


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