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The Monster List of Marketing PROOF ELEMENTS

24. PRAND MEDIA EXPOSURE 1. TEST DATA 3. SPECIFICITY 23. PRODUCT REVIEWS 2. CHARTS & GRAPHS **** Back up your claims with empirical proof Specific details drive higher response rates in advertising Leverage trusted review platfoms Reproduce what other media channels have said about you Provide a visual representation of data 4. COMPARISSONS 26. CREDIBLE PHOTOS 5. SCIENTIFIC STUDIES Add weight to your arguments with supporting data 6. RESEARCH FINDINGS 25. VALUABLE CONTENT Make it easier to evaluate Quality imagery boosts customer perception Report on relevant in-house or extemal research Useful content provides direct proof of your expertise features and specifications 27. ASSOCIATION TO CREDIBILITY Latch on to something the prospect already trusts ? 28. QUOTE AN AUTHORITY 7. UNIQUE MECHANISM 8. REASONS WHY 29. AWARDS WON Reveal the inner workings of how you deliver greater value Give multiple reasons to boost believability Invoke an authority figure to back up your case Tell the world about your accolades 9. LOGICAL ARGUMENT Engage the buyer's logical brain to make a watertight case 30. FOUNDER OR TEAM PHOTO 31. CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS Transfer credibility, likeability and respect from a celebrity to you 10. SPECIALISATION Prospects believe specialists get better results - and they'reusually right Puta human face to the people behind your company 33. THE SINATRA TEST "If I can make it there, l'll make it anywhere." Use one “mega-example" to blow away skepticism 11. THIRD-PARTY VERIFICATIONS THE MONSTER LIST OF 12. TRUST SEALS 32. GUARANTEES Add substance to your claims by backing your performance Provide reassurance that the What you say about yourself is not as believable as what others say about you customer is protected MARKETING 14. CONTACT INFORMATION 34. REVERSE PROOF Make the prospect qualify themselves to you 35. ADMITTING A FAULT 13. CERTIFICATIONS Provide proof you're qualified, approved or licensed to do what you do PROOF ELEMENTS Tell them what you can't do and they'll believe what you can do Adds a "we're a real business" factor 15. INFOGRAPHICS & VISUALISATIONS 16. “BEFORES AND AFTERS" Use contrast to show 36. МЕТАРНОR OR ANALOGY Use "word pictures" to illustrate your claims 17. CASE STUDIES 37. DON'T EXAGGERATE Hype kills believability. Be enthusiastic, butdon't overdo it Detail how others have Demonstrate content depth with rich graphics succeeded with your solutions progress over time 38. DOG WHISTLE LANGUAGE 40. HUMAN STORY 39. TAKEAWAY LANGUAGE Tell them why they can't have it... and they'll want it more 18. TESTIMONIALS 19. DEMONSTRATIONS Include stories from customers Dimensionalise facts with Don't just tell them - show them! Use the same jargon and "code words" your market uses about their experience and results engaging stories 21. SOCIAL MEDIA PROOF Show them how popular you 20. CLIENT LIST 22. SOCIAL PROOF 41. ORIGIN STORY Convey your history, pedigree and raison d'être Tell them who else Communicate what others 42. EMPATHY you've worked with say, think and do around you Feel what they feel are on social media channels LEFT BRAIN (QUANTITATIVE) RIGHT BRAIN (QUALITATIVE) Copyright holder is licensing this under the Creative Commons Licence, Attribution 3.0. Feel free to post this on your blog ortweet, email and share. Version 1.0. marketing Free download and detailed examples at: RESULTS | Twitter: @MktingResults #proofelements III

The Monster List of Marketing PROOF ELEMENTS

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Monster checklist of 42 distinct proof elements you can use to make your marketing messages more convincing – ultimately helping you to convert more visitors, shrink your sales cycle and boost prici...



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