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Mondays in 2013 Are Getting Better!

Don't Be Blue: Mondays in 2013 are Getting Better! January is often a time for major personal changes, encompassing everything from a healthier lifestyle to kicking off the hunt for a new job or career. Traditionally, Mondays in January have been surrounded by negative headlines in regards to our pessimistic outlook at this time of year, though luckily for us, 2013 appears to buck this trend! REED has conducted a nationwide survey that sheds more light on our new-found satisfaction... At the beginning of 2013, 59* of people are satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with their job. 23 were neutral about their current situation. While only 18* said they were 'unsatisfied or 'very unsatisfied'. More people feel secure in their jobs than one year ago. The percentage of people feeling 'unsecure' in their jobs at the end of the year has dropped. 2011 29* 2012 26 The public sector has provided greater feelings of 63") security for employees at the start of 2013. At the start of 2012, just 47% felt safe - compared to 63% now. 81 % of healthcare professionals are confident in their job security, a rise from 71.2%. 85 of business owners feel 'secure' or 'very secure' in their jobs ahead of 2013. 1% 1% Workforce stability rose across the board, from 75.8% to 81% (a 5.2% rise). More Employee Benefits Staff entertainment and whole-team parties experienced an upturn during 2012; these rose by 7.5%. During this period, bonuses rose by 6.2%. In financial positions, 22.1% more employees received a bonus; in the insurance industry, it jumped by 38.8%. Pay rises rose by 4.2%. Again, the insurance sector was a big winner, as the number of people receiving a pay rise jumped by 29.6% – meaning 68.6% of workers had an income boost during 2012. More good news for the public sector: staff entertainment budgets rose for 36.8% of industry workers, from 8.4% to 45.2% during 2012. Employers are raising their use of incentives. During 2011, 22.4% of employers used them; during 2012, this jumped to 34.8%. Promotions also rose 4.9%. New Employee Confidence on the Rise! Finance, technology, education, and public sector jobs are most popular with those looking for a new career; employee confidence is overcoming negative headlines to ensure that a broader set of sectors is benefiting from fresh talent. Now, nearly half as many business owners are threatened by the prospect of redundancy as they were last year. 2011 64* 2012 33* During 2011, 63.9% of business owners were threatened by the prospect of redundancy in their company; by the start of 2013, this had dropped to 33.3%. Employers are more worried about losing talented people, such is the competitiveness in the market; an additional 3.1% fear staff leaving for a better post. REED 0000000000000000000000000000000e0000000000000000.00000000000000000 Data taken from recent REED Salary and Market Insight Report Request your own copy here:

Mondays in 2013 Are Getting Better!

shared by gorramscott on Jan 23
REED has surveyed 1,500 employers and employees about how secure they feel in their jobs, and the good news is that the job market is looking up at the beginning of 2013. Payrises, staff incentives an...




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