Modern Ways to Job Search

MODERN WAYS TO JOB SEARCH Linkedin NETWORKING monster Tap your social graph on social networks to make connections with people at companies you are interested in. Gwit facebook MOBILE Use mobile applications on your smartphone to find job openings and apply with a single touch. POPULAR SITES: POPULAR MOBILE APPLICATIONS: of jobs are gained through networking. Job Amp Mobile Real-Time Jobs Career Builder 40% of young professionals are using social media to find jobs. Busy Bee 20% of human resource managers predict traditional resumes will be replaced with social/business networking sites. of job seekers use their smartphones in their search for employment. Blog is a non- intrusive way of gotting employers interested in your brand without even applying for a job. ONLINE INFLUENCE ecNAL RRANDING I Blog I Website I Social Media I Podcast I QR Code I Video Résumé "video resume" on You Tube yields over 17.000 rosults Demonstrate your communicative skills and relevance th rough online influence measuring sites PERSONAL BRANDING Promote and brand yourself online with creative content that will catch the attention of potential employers. like (SERP) Google now identifies and highlights high-quality content from authors in its search engine results page Mix up your posts with industry opinions and personal thoughts, Show you are actively researching and learning more about your field. BLOGGING TIPS Devote a page to your resume ETIQUETTE Maintain professional social media profiles free of inappropriate content that may jeopardize your chances of landing a job. TWEET TIPS Twitter is a great way to connect directly with recruiters. Follow recruiters to learn about their company and possible job openings. RT (re-tweet) posts by prospective company profiles to show you're actively engaged. Catch recruiters' attention by mentioning them in a post pertaining to their field. The amount of years a job-threatening incident found on Facebook stays on your record, as reported by Federal Trade Commission-approved Social Intelligence bureaus. Have a complete profile with a short bio and links to blogs and online resume. 1/5 Managers conduct background checks using social networks. 8% of companies have fired employees for these violations. Declaring job search Bashing boss and clients Posting inappropriate pictures of companies with more than 1000 workers have pecichass asate ple pleynes for violat- ing social netwart policies 21% Three ways to blow it via social media Networking/Moblec httpr/ itp:// search-201V Personal Branding http:/jbs,anlam/articles/211/02/10/anline-profiles-replacing-resunes/ t:/ http/insitesearch blogsput cn/201V06/highighting-content-restors-i-seardh.itnl intr/ww.logolowi.con/2010/4/-get-any oly-want-using-social-meia htnl Online Influence: htt:// httj:/reypenmnington.con/20ivu2/1V 4leys-to-increasing jaur-klont-score/ Ittp://ww.forbes.con/2008/O4/07/twiter-bvet jobs-leaderstip-careers-employment itri Sacial Metin Eipette ht:/lugsturies.on/ashnitil/201/06/20/10w-JTUurembarassingid-treatening-faceboukphotos-il-hauntya-for-SAVEN-years/ Itt:// conmon-sense-social-nedia-jöl-seanch-etiuette htnil Ittp/ *****

Modern Ways to Job Search

shared by SharleneMusic on Oct 10
Using social tools and technology to your advantage while searching for a job.


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