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Modern Vs. Contemporary Interior Design: What You Need to Know

Modern Vs. Contemporary Interior Design: What You Need to Kow Modern and contemporary are often used interchangeably to suggest current, updated and trending designs, yet they refer to two entirely different architecture and interior designs. What Is Modern Design? What Is Contemporary Design? Generally, it pertains to the embodiment of the modern art movement in a home interior. At its core, contemporary refers to the current design trend, and at the same time it gives tribute to the past. Modern design concept is carefree and simple and has its roots in German and Scandinavian design and architecture. The contemporary design dates back to the 1970s and is a unique style that borrows elements from various other design styles. Its furniture and decor selection emphasise neutral elements and earthy colours while eliminating irrelevant details. It has continuous development unlike other designs that are often dedicated to a specific look, era, and spirit. Its emphasis is on monochromatic colours and the setting of patternless fabrications in whitewashed spaces. Today's contemporary design focuses on a neutral colour palette, curved lines and striking minimalism. What Are The Main Differences Between Modern And Contemporary Interior Design? Modern Design Contemporary Design Utilises a lot of natural Have a similar concept but materials such as stone, are often combined with wood and man-made or steel, concrete and other genuine leather. industrial-inspired elements. Accent pieces used tend to Decorations pay more serve a purpose. attention to shape and aesthetic charm. More fluid and continually evolving and tend to draw inspiration Follow strict minimalism AO O format, balance, and clean lines. from diverse eras. Has a distinctive and eye- Do not require cold or stiff colours, rather they are catching touch and may go from one extreme to the filled with a warm and natural palette. other on the colour wheel. Modern design furniture prefers straight and strong Furniture design concept is more organic in its outline and has a curvier design. Tf lines. XE Colours tend to focus on Tend to adhere to stricter natural hues and have black and white and grey shades of turquoise, green, palettes, and while other colours are used, they are brown and rush. typically pure colours and saturated hues. What Are The Similarities Between Modern And Contemporary Interior Design? Typical similarities between contemporary and modern design concepts include: • Both styles have minimal, clean architectural design and zero flashes. • Both design styles embrace the concept of open floor plans to create feeling of spa • Both styles do not like fancy designs tend to stay away from utilising ousne ornate designs and heavy elements. Both designs' furnishings emphasise exposed legs and slim bases. Getting Help From A Professional Interior Design Firm In Singapore Regardless of the design style you choose, a professional interior designer can help incorporate modern or contemporary design styles into your home with precision. [email protected] 6272 2988 STYLE+ SP ACE INTERIOR DESIGN

Modern Vs. Contemporary Interior Design: What You Need to Know

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This infographic guides you through what you need to know about the differences and similarities between modern and contemporary interior design. Get help from a professional interior designer Singap...


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