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Modern Marketing: A Bold New Frontier

MODERN A MARKETING A BOLO NEW FROATIER A BRIEF LOOK AT HOW MODERN MARKETERS ARE BOLDLY GOING WHERE NO MARKETER HAS GONE BEFORE. In the marketing industry, technology has been evolving at the speed of light. The jump from Mad Men-era advertising tactics to today's high-tech digital marketing is like moving from the Lunar Lander to the Starship Enterprise. The modern-day marketing crew has new roles, new duties, and new worlds of marketing possibilities to explore – and new tools and technology to do it with. Let's take a look! AGE OF ADVERTISING DIGITAL MARKETING MODERN MARKETING In the Mad Men era of marketing, technology was just starting to make its presence known, with marketers focused on print, television, and radio. As the age of digital marketing dawned, marketers expanded their fleet with email, web marketing, and ecommerce strategies. Today's marketer wields a complex arsenal of tools– automation, email and mobile communications, and social media- that allow engagement in real-time. BEAMING UP NEW CREW MEMBERS The modern marketer shares a ship with a host of new crew members who are responsible for an ever-growing number of marketing capabilities. SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT MАЛАБЕR AUTOMATION SPECIALIST MARKETING ANALYST SPECIALIST Marketing activities yield a wealth of For some companies, Valuable content has Automation has become become an important resource for essential to streamlining marketing processes, increasing efficiency, and improving results. The automation specialist makes this happen. the vast social media frontier has created the measurable metrics and data. A skilled analyst developing sales relationships. That's where talented writers need for a full-time social media or can track these numbers and gauge marketing success. community manager to engage consumers. and designers come in. DISCOVER NEW WORLDS Modern marketers are trailblazers, exploring new worlds of knowledge and tools that marketers could have once only dreamed of. СОЛТЕПT DATA SOCIAL Email, blog posts, and other types of engaging and useful content have challenged the traditional approach to marketing. MOBILE Big data lets marketers access deeper insights into customer behavior and their marketing performance than ever before. Social media has created an entirely new way for brands to be present in the everyday conversations of their customers. Mobile usage has exploded, providing marketers with new opportunities to market on multiple screens. THE RISE OF NEW TOOLS The tools available to today's marketing departments provide a staggering amount of power, precision, and insight. MOBILE MARKETING ADVANCED ANALYTICS MARKETING AUTOMATION TAKE YOUR MARKETING ANYW KERE MEASURE, ADJUST, iMPROVE GMARTER MARKETING, BETTER RESULTS Today's customer is always on the go. Mobile marketing capabilities like push notifications are vital for marketers to stay with customers on all of their Gain insight into your brand's customer demographics and messaging efficacy through advanced analytics and A/B testing of email, social, and other marketing strategies. Use tools like lead nurturing, lead scoring, and ROI reporting to generate and qualify leads, shorten sales cycles, and demonstrate marketing accountability. voyages. Modern marketing may seem like science fiction, but it's possible today! ExactTarget. an Exact

Modern Marketing: A Bold New Frontier

shared by Pardot on May 21
Alright, so it’s not as exciting as climbing aboard the starship Enterprise, but the modern marketing team has new roles, new capabilities, and new worlds to explore that marketers could have only d...




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