Mobile Ecommerce Customers

Mobile customers +18% "TT") are different WEEKEND +59% BUYING ORDER FREQUENCY +32%. We all have our own way of online retailers are exploring MOBILE CUSTOMERS BUY shopping, especially online. And when it comes to buying behavior on phones or tablets, one thing is clear - people are acting much behavior change? What's the best differently than those shopping on game plan? how it fits into their business. -12% 59% MORE OFTEN THAN EXPECTED How much are mobile customers DESKTOP SHOPPERS PROFIT ORDER really worth? How will their SIZE PREDICTED 2 YEAR LIFETIME non-mobile devices. Here are some compelling overall VALUE "M-commerce" sales are projected trends observed from a combined to reach $31 billion by 2015 and 8.2 million customers. There's no easy way to categorize mobile customers - they behave differently MOBILE CUSTOMERS COMPARED TO NON-MOBILE RETAILER A RETAILER B RETAILER C for every retailer. %24 24 alall. And there's no guarantee they'll be more profitable. Here are a few specific examples of how mobile (tablet/mobile phone) customers compare to non-mobile customers across three online retailers in different industries. AVG. EXPECTED PROFIT FREQUENCY ORDER (CLV) ORDER EXPECTED ORDER AVG. EXPECTED ORDER AVG. PROFIT FREQUENCY ORDER (CLV) PROFIT FREQUENCY (CLV) ORDER SIZE SIZE SIZE POTENTIAL INSIGHT What if this company bought each customer a mobile device? POTENTIAL INSIGHT POTENTIAL INSIGHT Maybe the mobile app user-experience needs to be re-thought? Frequency is way up but the order sizes are smaller. Maybe bundling products could make a difference? MORE UNIQUE STORIES RETAILER A RETAILER A 100 +57% Weekend Time of 13% revenue from mobile customers The proportion day sales of mobile sales VORK HRS increases by 57% on Mobile sales pick up 22% weekends. I NON-MOBILE | MOBILE (ANDROID, IPHONE) outside of LEISURE HRS. M T WT F the workday. RETAILER B PROFITABILITY Though vastly outnumbered, the average Android customer is more profitable than the average iPhone customer. Customer Lifetime COMPARED TO NON-MOBILE TOTAL CUSTOMERS Value of shoppers on different devices I NON-MOBILE I MOBILE (ANDROID, IPHONE) 92K чК RETAILER C SURCES AND METHODS Customer Lifetime Value of mobile Eapeced paofis ae the epeced wo ince the realer introduced their year values ning Custons predictive mobile app. Workday is definad an algorithms. / Order frequency is the 9-5 on M-E and all other times are projecned mamber of orden a catoemer non-workday. / Regional differences makes wihin the fint wo yearn of a relatiormhip wih a firm. / Mobile cusomers are defined as cusomers mobile cuomers acro one aler who primarily parchase ing a company's OS or Android app. (Time of day greph wa generated from the daly peoportion of sales custora EVERY CUSTOMER are defined as looking ar the projeced wo-year value fee mobile and non shoppers in different regions HAS A STORY. MAKE THE MOST OF IT. in the three regions with the most mobile cusomers. M-commerce sales projection from Businem News Duly U.S. U.K. AUS.

Mobile Ecommerce Customers

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