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Mobile App Abandonment in the Workplace

ABANDONMENT in the Workplace Mobile App Nearly of employees As a result, employees 60% abandon corporate mobile apps "GO ROGUE" 42% 64% freely download mobile apps of their own choice from the public app stores to of users are not wowed by their work apps use at work Only some "stick" with their corporate apps It's putting corporate but when they do, 26% of smartphone users and 19% of tablet users say their productivity suffers data at risk How is IT tackling the app "free-for-all"? 25% 20% 13% 9% pre-load apps onto employee block all or some restrict apps on mandate which personal apps on personally-owned apps can be used company-owned mobile devices. mobile devices. at work. smartphones. But what about all 55% say there is no policy those BYOD policies? 56% Personalizing the corporate app experience can help with employee app engagement, BUT employees are concerned about their privacy: 2525 16% 12% 8% CНAMELEON PARANOID DIGITAL NOMAD MAINSTREAM "I will selectively share "I won't share any "I willingly share personal info in return for a personalized cross- device app experience." "I'm likely to share as I my personal info. I value privacy more personal info. I don't trust app privacy." expect it will create more personalized app experiences soon." than a personalized app experience." What are the top uses for mobile apps at work? Who owns the devices used in the workplace? Personal 89% Email 38% Social Smartphones 42% General 18% HR 38% Company 17% Custom- developed apps productivity 69% Company Personal 94% Email 23% Custom 43% General 20% Social 19% Customer service/support productivity (25 251 Personal 89% Email 38% Social 50% General 21% Custom 35% Company productivity 16% Finance Tablets Company 69% Personal 89% Email 30% Custom 60% General 16% Social 12% Marketing/ design productivity To ensure greater employee app engagement... .. and reduce the privacy and security risks associated with rogue app usage, enterprises must adopt the same best practices as they do for customer-facing apps. Identifying use cases and user personas is key to designing rich, mobile app experiences that keep employees engaged and productive. Also, implementing a BYOD policy can actually help employees become part of the solution, making them the "security guards" of corporate data. According to a ResearchNow study of 1,000 full and part-time employees at companies with 500+ employees. Download the full report at A mobiquity. make mobile matter

Mobile App Abandonment in the Workplace

shared by Mobiquity_Inc on Nov 12
Independent Study by Mobiquity Finds Employees Prefer to “Go Rogue,” Freely Downloading Whichever Apps They Like For Work Causing Privacy & Security Concerns


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