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The Mixology of Content Marketing

HALF ART THE MIXOLOGY OF Content Marketing HALF SCIENCE PLEASE MARKET RESPONSIBLY • Delivering pitch perfect content to a receptive audience means serving up ice-cool information in a way that makes it easy to swallow. Get your Browse our content cocktail menu and get creating the sort of content guaranteed to shake audiences up! measures wrong and the mix is a disaster. 77% 69% 66% 62% % of marketers now % of marketers creating % of businesses that rate % of business that want utilising content marketing their content marketing as basic and consistent to create more engaging, higher quality content more content now than they did one year ago INDUSTRY NEWS USER-GENERATED CONTENT BLOODY MARY PIÑA COLADA Serving suggestion Serving suggestion Short, sharp servings of news via e-newsletters, blogs and social media Take a holiday with this one and pass on the serving suggestions to your users. Suggest a theme, hashtag or even use the product as a 3 parts fresh news common prop. 1 part spicy trends 3 parts user experience 1 part clear examples 1 part creativity 1 part branding Hashtag garnish (optional) Getting your measures right Getting your measures right The key is finding the right stories to engage your audience and hitting them at the right time. Take a back seat as much as possible. Consumers are usually more interested in hearing what their friends think than in what brands have to say. Mixology Masters Mixology Masters The Content Marketing Association and Hubspot are industry news masters, gathering the choicest news and trends from contributors and distributing it to an engaged audience. Be sure to use your existing networks to reach more potential fans. Both Coca-Cola with its personalised bottles and Starbucks with its designer doodle coffee cups have enjoyed big success with user generated campaigns and drinking vessels in recent years! 45% of marketers find e-newsletters or online magazines effective ) Millennials spend about 5.4 hours every day engaging with peer-created content SOCIAL VIDEO BLOGS MARGARITA DAIQUIRI Serving suggestion Serving suggestion Best served with an edge, shared with friends and jazzed up with a colourful accessory or two (think jokes, life hacks and striking imagery). Flavour your blog with the stuff that matters in your industry. Aim at a target audience and make sure that you only get as technical as that audience requires. 1 part colourful, artistic appeal 1 part strong examples 1 part clear message 1 part consistency 1 part entertainment 1 part specialist industry knowledge Getting your measures right Getting your measures right The nature of video content makes it relatively easy to monitor the reach of your content, including total views, views from your demographic, shares, subscribers and that all-important CTR. While it is imperative that your blogs are interesting and useful, bear in mind that they also need to be easily digestible at no more than about 400-800 words. Mixology Masters Mixology Masters It's easier to make a statement using a visual medium; virtually anything is possible. Brands who Vine well include Ikea with its cute colourful life hacks and Innocent with With an estimated 110 million estimated monthly users, there's no denying that the Huffington Post is one hell of a popular blog. As far as content marketing is concerned, specialist sites like Copyblogger and Contently are a great source of information. its beautiful eco-warrior friendly imagery. Video will be responsible for 79% of alI consumer web traffic by 2018 67% of marketers have success with blog posts and articles VIRAL CONTENT INFOGRAPHICS TOM COLLINS SINGAPORE SLING Serving suggestion Serving suggestion Identif and decide whether you want to play up the sour twist or the sugar Get the design right and your data come alive. you want to achieve sweet finish. 2 parts clear storyline 1 part strong message 1 part quality data 1 part compelling story 1 part hard-hitting stats 1 part striking design Getting your measures right Getting your measures right When assessing the success of your viral campaigns, pay special attention to lead generation, brand You can sling all the data in the world at it, but without a compelling story to tell your audience, it'll miss the mark. exposure and conversion. Mixology Masters Mixology Masters Sport England had a huge hit challenging negative body image this year with its "This Girl Can" campaign, inspiring more women to get active. It will also be a while before anyone can forget the Cadbury's gorilla. Linkedin is adept at creating simple engaging infographics like its 'A Well Balanced Blog', while Custom Made and Ghergich & Co effectively spell out the scale of a big problem in 'Spiralling Out of Control: Plastic Buildup In Our Oceans' d) Timing is everything - hit people with viral at the beginning of the workday 41% of marketers find infographics to be an effective content format WHITE PAPERS LONG FORM JOURNALISM OLD-FASHIONED MINT JULEP Serving suggestion Serving suggestion Serve up detailed information with a twist that shows you understand the requirements of your niche. The trick is to take an original take on a subject or theme, add a clear storyline and top it up with enough convincing language to keep your audience with you until the end. 4 parts rich, in-depth information 3 parts clear story 1 part clear, concise presentation 1 part fresh subject 1 part strong grasp of audience Getting your measures right Getting your measures right In order to make your company credible and generate leads, keep anything sweet or sour to a minute dash. Your strong point is the information you have to offer. While people expect to log some reading time when dealing with long-form, remember that successful content invariably requires a focus on quality over quantity. Mixology Masters Mixology Masters The Content Marketing Institute frequently publishes informative, in-depth guides on everything related to the industry. Buzzfeed are champions of long-form content, and business news site Quartz has developed the "Quartz Curve," a formula that predicts the success of content based on the length it favours. Whitepapers #1 content format for B2B buyers researching a purchase decision Data suggests the "ideal" post takes about 7 minutes to read (about 1600 words) • ANOTHER PIECE OF ORIGINAL CONTENT BY JBH • The Content Marketing Agency JBH Creating compelling content for brands Sources: • • • • Κ

The Mixology of Content Marketing

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