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Miss Photogenic: Why your data needs a makeover

ORACLE MARKETING CLOUD koles MISS PHOTOGENIC: WHY YOUR DATA NEEDS A MAKEOVER Data by its very nature is dry and unappetising to us visually-driven human beings. Learn how data visualisation can make it more palatable and meaningful. WE'RE LIVING IN AN AGE OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD. BSFNSF DNGF DEBSDF 100,500 SAFASD CSDAVTGH SAFAS ADSFGHN SAFAS DFBDFG ONGE EVSDCS SDHN ASDNGF BSFGBSF The average number of digital words we read every day. It doesn't help that our attention spans have shrunk dramatically since 2000 either: From: To: 12 SECONDS 8 SECONDS By way of comparison, a goldfish's is... 9 SECONDS AND IT'S EVEN TOUGHER IN THE BUSINESS WORLD. 51% The amount of time professionals spend managing information, instead of acting on it. 90% of professionals say they throw away information without reading it. So we need visual solutions to ensure we impart data quickly, efficiently and in a form factor that will appeal in the boardroom. After all.…. 60,000x FASTER The speed in which our brains process visuals compared to text. BUT HOW? There are a host of platforms and software that can aid in data visualisation. From... ... visual dashboard software designed to number crunch data and help users to create clear, attractive data presentations based on it. To... INFOGRAPHICS SLIDESHARES UBERFLIPS THE BENEFITS OF DATA VISUALISATION ARE FAR-REACHING. It: Takes large volumes of data and presents it in an attractive, easy-to-understand format. Helps the C-Suite and colleagues identify and monitor trends, so they can deal with issues quickly. Presents data without distorting or 'weighting' it when used correctly. To effectively deploy data visualisations: Understand your data and how different sets interact with one another. Find the angle or story for the data you want to present. Consider which visualisation to deploy and its design practices. Think: BAR CHART AREA CHART LINE CHART PIE CHART BUBBLE CHART SCATTER PLOT HEAT MAP Ensure you select the right chart types for your data presentation. P.S. PS Consider colour blindness when creating data visualisations. 8% 0.5% of men & of women have colour vision deficiency. For colour palettes that are colour blind-friendly, click here. TO FINISH... ... here's a powerful example of taking dry data and transforming it into a dynamic presentation: Academic Hans Rosling on the US in a converging world. 80 1860 60 40 While Rosling uses animation for his presentation his data could also be delivered via infographic or other forms of data visualisation. 20 $500 THE TAKEAWAY? Explore the different visualisation tools available and decide which is right for your data and your target audience. Before you can create great data visualisation, you need data worthy of visualising-download our free eGuide: Modern Marketing Essentials Guide: Data Management MODERN MARKETING ESSENTIALS GUIDE DATA MANAGEMENT A la ge Ma Download now ORACLE ORACLE ORACLE Copyright © 2014 Orade and'or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Miss Photogenic: Why your data needs a makeover

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Analysing marketing data - and communicating your findings clearly - is vital to your career progression. According to Forrester’s report, Marketers Need To Acquire Adaptive Skill Sets, in the futur...


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