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Minecraft Facts - A Brief History of Minecraft

Minecraft Facts How did minecraft come about? Minecraft was originally called 'Cave Game', but the Minecraft was created by Persson got the idea for the game from another procedurally generated game, named 'Infiniminer', in which players would a Swedish programmer name was dropped in favour of 'MineCraft: Order named Markus Persson, or 'Notch' of Stone' when Persson co-operate to tunnel realised he wanted to through the earth in search create a game with Role-playing elements. Eventually, this was shortened to just "Minecraft'. of minerals. A brief history of MineCraft This version was released the very The very first version of the game was created in just six days, next day, alongside an official forum where players could discuss it. between May 10th and May 16th, 2009. The game reached a hundred The crafting system also came to thousand players in January 13th be in early 2010, along with the 2010 crafting system and infinite maps Just six months later, in the run up to Christmas 2010, the game en- tered the beta phase, and rose in The game reached the two-hundred thousand player mark in June 2010, and officially entered the alpha stage of its development, and its price rose to $10 price still further to $15 By July 2011, the game had more than ten million registered In November 2011, the full version of the game was released for PC.It cost $20. players In November 2014, Microsoft In May 2012, the game was re- leased for Xbox, and sold nearly stepped in and bought Mojang, the game's developer, for an estimated $2.5 billion! half a million copies in less than twenty-four hours Just how popular is Minecraft? At the time of writing, more than twenty-one million people own a copy of Minecraft for PC.That's more than the entire population of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland put together! If you account for sales of the game across all platforms - Mac, Playstation, Xbox and mobile, the game has more than 70 million . players - and this figure is rising constantly. Every day, more than twelve thousand people buy the game. How Big is a Minecraft world? In Minecraft, a single world is If each block were to be a There are hundreds of different blocks to choose from, too, with more than 450 different variants, and other items with which to fill your created built from millions and millions single metre cubed, it would of cubes, each covered in a follow that each world is around eight times as big as the planet earth. distinctively low-res texture. worlds. Did you know? One, of the game's most recognisable species, the creeper, came about thanks to a coding error.Notch intended to make a pig, but he switched the height and length around accidentally.This produced the monstrous abomination that we now know as the creeper. 01 The language of the Enderman actually consists of English phrases like 'what's up?' pitchshifted down and played backwards. 02 Similarly, the game's 'Ghasts' are voiced by music producer Daniel Rosenfeld's cat, which made the noise during a recording session.A little pitch shifting later and we have the sound we know and love today! 03 In 2011, Notch explained the game's 'infinite' world in a blog post.He explained that the game was only effectively infinite, and that if a player were to travel a certain distance, they would experience strange glitches. 04 05 A gamer named Kurt J. Mac decided to travel to these 'Far Lands' in the same year, and in doing so raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for charity. Every 10,000 times you play the game, the opening menu will misspell the game's name as 'Minceraft'. If this happens to you, you know you've probably played the game a little too much! 06 SHOP!S.Y Shop Deliver Satisfy

Minecraft Facts - A Brief History of Minecraft

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Since its first incarnation in 2009 Minecraft has become a global phenomenon enticing gamers from all nations and walks of life to enter the pixel world and take on its legendary roleplay. The game is...




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