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Millennials in the Workplace and the Effect They Will Have on Technology Departments

GENO OY What do technology managers need to hnow? WHAT THE HECK IS A 'MILLENNIAL'? Can be identified by Also known as Generation Y, Millennials are children who were born between the late 70's/ INCREASED USE OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES early 80's and into the early 2000's. UTILIZATION OF MANY FORMS OF COMMUNICATION 80 MILLION NUMBER OF MILLENNIALSIN THE UNITED STATES ACCESSES MANY FORMS OF MEDIA REGULARLY WHY I.T. SHOULD CARE 36% of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of Millennials 2014 46% 2020 of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of Millennials WHAT GEN Y WANTS When it comes to their ideal work environment, Millennials want: 50% A SOCIAL & ENJOYABLE ENVIRONMENT WOULD RATHER HAVE NO JOB THAN A JOB THEY HATE FLEXIBLE HOURS LESS GOVERNANCE MILLENNIALS AND TECHNOLOGY ALMOST 50% PERCENTAGE OF MILLENNIALS WHO SAID THEY WOULD RATHER GIVE UP THEIR SENSE OF SMELL OVER AN ITEM OF TECHNOLOGY 10UT OF EVERY 3 stated that they would prioritize social media freedom, device flexibility and work mobility over their paycheck IT INVESTMENT & POLICIES INFLUENCE CORPORATE CULTURE 2 OUT OF 5 young professionals and college students surveyed said they would accept a lower-paying job with more flexibility on device choice, social media and mobility over a higher paying job with less flexibility PERCENTAGE OF COLLEGESTUDENTS SAID THEY WILL ASK POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS IN THEIR JOB INTERVIEWS ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA POLICIES 64% 1 IN 4 COLLEGE STUDENTS said social media policies would be a key factor in deciding whether or not to accept a job offer ARTICLE LINKS 1. Unknown. (Mo dified August 7, 2012). Generation Y. Wik ipe dia. Retrieved August 7, 2012, from http:// en.wkipe 2. Faw, L. (July 19, 2012). How Millennials Are Redefining Their Careers As Hustlers. Forbes. Retrieved August 2, 2012, from ites/lariss af aw/2012.07/19/how-millennials-are redefining-their- careers- as-hustlers/ 3. Kiisel, T. (May 16, 2012). Gimme, Gimme, Gimme -- Millennias in the Work place. Forbes. Retrievred August 2, 2012, from is eV201205/16/gimme-gimme gimme millenniaks- in-the- wokplace/ 4. Olavsrud, T. (July 20, 2012). Tips on How IT Leaders Can Attract (and Retain) Millennials. CIO. R etrieved August 2, 2012, from 11561/ Tips_on_How_IT_Leaders_C an_Attract_and_Retain_Millennias 5. Granese, N. & Lath am, J. (Jubly 27, 2012). U nlo ck ing The Potential Of Millennials At Work. Media Post. Retrieved August 12, 2012 from http:/Awwww.mediapost com/publications/article/179729/unlo ck ing the-potentiał of millennias- at-w ork.htm#izz2RIPSaF2 6. Osborne, C. (Juhy 10, 2012). Managing Millennials: Priorities in the modern workplace. ZD Net Retrieved August 12, 2012 from millennias-priorities- in- the-mo dern- workplace-70000006 18/ 7. Huwe, M. (August 2, 2012). Strategy and Culture: Working Together? Forbes. Retrieved August 2, 2012 from http://wwww.for ites/micros oftdynamics/2012/D8/02/strate gy- an d culture-working-together/ ABOUT CYMPHONIX Cymphonix makes the Internet run better so organizations can focus on their core missions. Asthe demand for content grows exponentially, the ability to manage bandwidth, prioritize traffic and applications, and control content istaxed to the extreme. The Cymphonix line of Internet Management network appliances helps organizations quickly, easily and clearly understand their traffic then set and enforce usage policies that work. The result? Better performing Internet connections for less work and effort. For more information, please visit O CYMPHONIX

Millennials in the Workplace and the Effect They Will Have on Technology Departments

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The face of the workplace is changing, and reshaping corporate culture in the process. Recent statistics suggest that by 2014, 36% of the U.S. workforce will consist of young adults born between the ...




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