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Microplastics in Industrial Water Treatment

MICROPLASTICS IN INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT WHAT ARE MICROPLASTICS? The term microplastics refers to pieces of plastic that measure less than 5 mm in diameter that are formed when larger pieces of plastic break down into smaller bits. These plastics, if not filtered out of water, can be harmful to the environment, as they can easily bond with other contaminants. Luckily, industrial water treatment systems have evolved and can remove microplastics from source water, preventing them from entering industrial equipment and the environment. REVERSE OSMOSIS Industrial reverse osmosis systems are frequently used to remove microplastics from source water. Osmosis filter By using a fine semi-permeable membrane, these systems capture microplastics as source water is forced through, letting only clean water pass through. ACTIVATED CARBON FILTRATION An industrial water filtration system that contains an activated carbon filter, reduces risks of microplastics contamination. Such system removes microplastics by running source water through a mesh filter containing activated carbon - this allows the filtered water to flow through, while trapping the microplastics in the mesh. WHY REMOVE MICROPLASTICS? Microplastics, while small, can wreak havoc on a business's industrial systems in a number of ways. Microplastics can accumulate and bond together, causing blockages in equiprment that can lead to system malfunction and expensive repairs. They can also contaminate a company's waste, causing the effluent quality to plummet and environmental fines to skyrocket. CHOOSE CULLIGAN Industrial water treatment systems play an important role in ensuring that water used in industrial facilities, healthcare facilities, etc. (including effluent water) is free of microplastics that can harm people's health and the environment. You can count on Culligan Industrial Water to exceed the highest standards for quality and safety and provide microplastic-free water needed to help your facility run smoothly. For more information about industrial water You could give your people treatment, visit us at Culligan Water TODAY! © 2020 Culligan Industrial Water

Microplastics in Industrial Water Treatment

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Microplastics, or pieces of plastic measuring less than 5 mm in diameter, if not removed from source water, can wreak havoc on industrial systems and the environment. Luckily, industrial water treatme...


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