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Merchandising Matters

MERCHANDISING MATTERS SALE) WHY RETAILERS NEED TO MERCHANDISE THE QUEUE 65% Time spent waiting is time that can be spent shopping. of retail sales are driven by impulse shopping. As the perception of waiting time increases, customer satisfaction decreases. If customers are distracted while they wait, their experience is more interesting and customer satisfaction increases. BUYER'S GUINE cpu IN-QUEUE MERCHANDISING: WHAT IS ITO SALE Stanchions, racks, baskets, signage, and other accessories that combine to form a queue while displaying products or advertising messages to customers waiting in line. BENEFITS OF IN-QUEUE MERCHANDISING Increase profit per square foot Capture more impulse sales Keep people occupied while waiting Perceived wait times decrease Customer satisfaction increases Facilitate customer flow STEPS TO PLANNING 1 Determine your space and formation The lanes need to be wide enough to accommodate people, merchandise and carts. The type and amount of your merchandise will vary based on having a single-line or multiple-line queue setup, as well as the width and structure of your queue. I Combine belts and merchandise racks Merging the typical checkout line belts and stanchions with merchandising is highly effective and spatially efficient. H) + 3 Use merchandising displays From impulse bowls attached right on the stanchions, to signage, display walls, racks, in-line Cas tables, and hooks and shelves, the options are many and scalable to gie "Veg e Chip Ciins thips better present your selection of products. 4 Mark an entrance Standard post-top signage and a belted stanchion marks the recognized entrance to the waiting line. ENTER Make it scalable Make ebb and flow organic, using retractable belts with merchandise also available on the shorter lines. BEST PRACTICES Keep it Balanced Just as having too little merchandise can be wasted opportunity, overstuffing your queue with merchandise is also ineffective. Maintain the Perimeter Don't neglect the outside of the queue. It can be highly effective in your merchandising plan. Start Small Before you overhaul your waiting line, give it a try with something simple, like merchandising bowls. Bring Your Products to Life Use digital signage to display informational or promotional videos related to the products on display. 5 BIG MISTAKES TO AVOID Too Much Finding the right balance is key. Too much is overwhelming. Not enough is a missed opportunity. or Not Enough Missing Signage The simple and functional solution that lets people know instantly what the merchandise is and what it costs. Too-high Displays Displays that are too tall create a merchandising tunnel that can make customers feel "boxed-in" and uncomfortable. Neglecting the When you shorten up the line is your merchandising left hanging? "Short-Cut" No Space to Get By Merchandising narrows the lane sure to account for racks, so displays, tables, etc. when planning the queue space. Lavi KIndustries www.LAVI.COM

Merchandising Matters

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Our latest infographic illustrates why retailers should consider in-queue merchandising as an important aspect of their retail strategy to boost customer satisfaction levels while simultaneously incre...


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