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Megachurch Megabusiness

MEGACHURCH MEGABUSINESS Churches across America are shutting down at a rate of while megachurches are growing at rate of 8% T Many have criticized them for using corporate techniques to create economic empires. All the while, smaller churches watch their flock migrate towards a religious experience that's a little more... MEGA. WHAT IS A MEGACHURCH? A MEGACHURCH AVERAGES AT LEAST 2000 PEOPLE EVERY WEEK. TAX FREE NAXFREE Megachurches are tax exempt for $7.2 billion dollars/year (2005) COFFEE REE Megachurches typically have a charismatic, authoritative, celebrity-like leader. Some meagachurches are like mini-cities with gyms, shopping, arcades, and even starbucks. Most megachurches are evangelical (growth dependent), suburban, white, and southern. MEGACHURCHES MAKE UP 0.5% OF PROTESTANT CHURCHES BUT ACCOUNT FOR 10.7% OF THE WEEKLY ATTENDANCE. 6 million « megachurchgoers 314,000 protestant churches 56 million protestant churchgoers 1,638 megachurches 1,638 M.C. 740 M.C. M.C. ..... I.. 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 The number of megachurches has doubled in the last decade. THE LARGEST MEGACHURCH IN THE WORLD YOIDO FULL GOSPEL CHURCH LOCATION: SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA SENIOR PASTOR: DAVID YONGGI CHO MEMBERSHIP: 850,000 ANNUAL BUDGET: $200 MILLION THE LARGEST MEGACHURCHES IN AMERICA #1 LAKEWOOD CHURCH WEEKLY ATTENDANCE 43,500 PEOPLE ANNUAL BUDGET 70 MILLION LOCATION: HOUSTON, TX SENIOR PASTOR: JOEL OSTEEN #2 LIFECHURCH.TV WEEKLY ATTENDANCE 42,800 PEOPLE LOCATION: EDMOND, OK ANNUAL BUDGET 46 MILLION SENIOR PASTOR: CRAIG GROSCHEL #3 NORTH POINT COMMUNITY CHURCH WEEKLY ATTENDANCE 27,400 PEOPLE ANNUAL BUDGET 39 MILLION LOCATION: ALPHARETTA, GA SENIOR PASTOR: ANDY STANLEY # 4 SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH 25,200 PEOPLE ANNUAL BUDGET 55 MILLION WEEKLY ATTENDANCE LOCATION: HOUSTON, TX SENIOR PASTOR: H. EDWIN YOUNG #5 WILLOW CREEK COMMUNITY CHURCH WEEKLY ATTENDANCE 24,400 PEOPLE ANNUAL BUDGET 36 MILLION LOCATION: SOUTH BARRINGTON, IL SENIOR PASTOR: BILL HYBELS #6 FELLOWSHIP CHURCH 24,200 PEOPLE ANNUAL BUDGET 51 MILLION LOCATION: GRAPEVINE, TX SENIOR PASTOR: ED YOUNG JR. #7 SOUTHEAST CHRISTIAN CHURCH WEEKLY ATTENDANCE 22,500 PEOPLE ANNUAL BUDGET 31 MILLION LOCATION: LOUISVILLE, KY SENIOR PASTOR: DAVE STONE #8 SADDLEBACK CHURCH WEEKLY ATTENDANCE 22,400 PEOPLE ANNUAL BUDGET 36 MILLION LOCATION: LAKE FOREST, CA SENIOR PASTOR: RICK WARREN 6# WEEKLY ATTENDANCE 20,100 PEOPLE CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH LOCATION: HENDERSON, NV BUDGET T 12 MILLION SENIOR PASTOR: JUD WILHITE #10 WEST ANGELES CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST WEEKLY ATTENDANCE 20,000 PEOPLE 35 MILLION LOCATION: LOS ANGELES, CA BUDGET SENIOR PASTOR: CHARLES BLAKE MEGACHURCH DISTRIBUTION NUMBER OF MEGACHURCHES IN EACH STATE 406 MEGACHURCHES 306 MEGACHURCHES 119 MEGACHURCHES TOP STATES CA 218 MIDWEST 19% NORTH EAST 7% WEST 25% TX 206 FL 120 SOUTH GA 91 49% TN 66 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION ATTENDING MEGACHURCHES (U.S. AVERAGE: 2%) 2.65% 2.2% TOP STATES 1.69% D.C. 4.1% GA 3.79% 0.67% TX 3.39% OK 3.38% OWES TN 3.36% 0% 0.2% 0.4% 0.6% 0.8% 1% 1.2% 1.4% 1.6% 1.8% 2% 2.2% 2.4% 2.6% 2.8% 3% 3.2% 3.4% 3.6% 3.8% 4% MEGACHURCHGOERS 82% WHITE 10% AFRICAN AMERICAN 2% ASIAN 1% HISPANIC 5% OTHER (64% U.S. POPULATION) 12% U.S. POPULATION) (5% U.S. POP) (16% U.S. POP) (3% U.S. POP) 3,823 28% 3,597 2,604 22% 20% Megachurch weekly attendance is growing at an average rate of 8% every year 19% 11% ..... ... 2005 2010 Mostly ages 35-49 THEY CAME THEY SAW THEY STAYED #1 reason for #1 reason for #1 reason for their first visit: their first attraction: their continual attendance: FAMILY/FRIENDS WORSHIP STYLE SENIOR PASTOR Followed by: #2: own accord #3: church media Followed by: # 2: senior pastor #3: church reputation Followed by: #2: worship style #3: church reputation 4% had only been at that megachurch Omer cherches came. 6% had never been to church before 18% had not been to church in a while CHURCHED UNCHURCHED MEGACHURCH PASTORS For every 1,000 members added to a church the pastor's salary increases $8,000 a year. The average megachurch pastor makes $147,000 a year. The average protestant pastor makes $40,000 a year. THE MEGAPROSPEROUS Joel says: "We make plenty of money... but we just live normal lives. Lives in a luxurious 17,000 square foot, JOEL OLSTEEN LAKEWOOD CHURCH $10.5 million mansion in Houston Texas. HOUSTON, TX Money made through his books is estimated at $55 million. He has a net worth of $40 million. Ed says: "Why are you even coming to church if you're not bringing the tithe?". ED YOUNG Lives in a 10,000 square foot, $1.5 million estate, FELLOWSHIP CHURCH GRAPEVINE, TX receives $240,000 a year in housing allowance plus a $1 million salary and flies in an $8.4 million french-made private jet. He also knows pastoral fashion: Creflo says: "If you take time to tithe the tithe correctly, it's impossible to go to hell. Lives in a $1 million Atlanta home and CREFLO DOLLAR a $2.5 million New York townhouse. WORLD CHANGERS CHURCH INTERNATIONAL FULTON COUNTY, GA He owns 2 Rolls-Roycees and a private jet. He refuses to disclose his salary or to cooperate with auditors citing "separation of church and state". John says: "Your income is controlled by your giving. "Poverty is a curse." He was the highest paid non-profit CEO in 2004 JOHN HAGEE with a $1 million salary. He then converted the CORNERSTONE CHURCH SAN ANTONIO, TX non-profit into a church, thus relieving himself of the obligation to file a publicly available tax return. Eddie says: "We're not just a church, we're an international corporation." A charity (ran by Eddie) “love gifted" EDDIE LONG him a $1.4 million home on 20 acres and a NEW BIRTH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH DEKALB COUNTY, GA $350,000 Bentley. Another charity (ran by Eddie) "love gifted" land which was sold for $1.4 million. He also makes 1 million a year. THE MEGABENEVOLENT Charles says: "In order to be credible, [pastors must be] on the...cutting edge in giving. Makes $227,750 a year, but frequently gives CHARLES BLAKE a year's salary back to his church. He's the CEO of Save Africa's Children which has housed, fed, and clothed WEST ANGELES CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST LOS ANGELES, CA over 200,000 children in Africa - he takes no salary from this charity. Craig says: "[Toxic] religion is Christ plus anything...Christ plus church membership. Or Christ plus tithing.". %3D Despite his churches mega profits, CRAIG GROSCHEL Craig lives a modest lifestyle, carpooling and LIFECHURCH,TV EDMOND, OK sharing hotel rooms on trips. He gives away his resources for free and has no access to the church's checkbook. Rick says: "The opulent lifestyles of televangelists make me sick." He made millions off his books, but in 2005 he RICK WARREN returned 25 years worth of salary and stopped accepting SADDLEBACK CHURCH LAKE FOREST, CA new paychecks. He gives 91% of his royalties to charity, drives a 12 year old Ford and lives in the same house he did 22 years ago. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: SOURCES html html pdf report.htm the_United States Ik o97megachurch.html facts.html http://www.urbantulsa .com/gyrobase/Content?oid-18228 html DESIGNER: ERIC PHILLIPS.NET SOUTH NORTH EAST

Megachurch Megabusiness

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Churches across America are shutting down at a rate of 1% while megachurches are growing at rate of 8%. Many have criticized them for using corporate techniques to create economic empires. All the whi...


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