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Medium Matters: What Is The Most Effective Ad Media

Though marketers now have more MEDIUM MATTERS portals than ever to reach consumers, there is no silver bullet. No one media can be labelled most effective for all businesses. Marketers should consider WHAT ARE THE their goals, audience, budgets, and other MOST EFFECTIVE factors to determine what the most MEDIA? effective media formats for them will be. ADS IN NEWSPAPER 30% 23% ADS ON TV 29% 26% A TRUST- WORTHY MEDIUM ADS IN RADIO 27% 22% ADS IN MAGAZINE 25% 23% ADS IN SEARCH RESULTS 21% 26% Not all media formats ONLINE VIDEO ADS are equal when it comes to advertising that consumers will trust. According to Nielsen, ads that appear on TV or in newspaper are the most trusted by 19% 29% ONLINE BANNER ADS 16% 34% ADS ON S OCIAL NETWORK 15% TRUST 37% consumers and ads that ADS ON MOBILE DEVICES appear on mobile devices are least trusted. DON'T 13% 37% BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT TV has been one of the most successful – if not the most successful – ad platforms for the last 50 years. To try to stand out from the rest, marketers have tried to secure product placements in popular shows. TOP 5 SHOWS 01 2011 4,401 BRANDS Q1 2011 2006 5,381 2010 PRODUCT PLACEMENT product placements American IdolL product placements Coca-Cola Chevrolet The Biggest Loser AT&T Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Everlast The Celebrity Apprentice Apple America's Next Top Model "Across 12 broadcast and coble networks in primetime DEGREES OF SOCIAL MARKETING Almost all companies 40% now either already employ or are considering some form 35% blogger relations of social marketing. But 30% SEO for social sites within the social blogging landscape, there are a 25% number of marketing outlets with varying moderating social networks multimedia content sharing microblogging 20% degrees of effectiveness. KEYS: advertising on social sites social sharing buttons on websites 15% O usage social sharing buttons on email 10% % level of effectiveness 5% % degree of difficulty *Source: MarketingSherpa 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% w-THE MOBILE MARKET - With the rising popularity of smartphones and mobile apps, marketers are increasingly implementing mobile strategies. Teenagers are much more receptive to this kind of advertising compared to older audiences. REACTION TO MOBILE ADVERTISING AFTER SEEING A MOBILE AD BY AGE GROUP always look at it sometimes look at it Inever look at it AGE 13-17 45% 42% 10% 16% 17% 14% AGE 25-34 40% 54% AGE 18-24 35% 57% have recommended an advertised have used an advertised coupon product or service AGE 35-44 35% 58% have entered a have forwarded a link or video to friends contest or AGE 55+ 27% 72% sweepstakes A NEW APPROACH TO ADVERTISING OBJECTIVE Advertisers should clearly define the objectives of ad spending, rather than create a media-specific campaign because they "need one." There is no one ad format that's most effective for everyone, but all companies can use a similar method AUDIENCE to determine what's best for them. Audiences should be considered in the context of the individuals, their circles, and their culture, rather than the "target consumer." The Wharton School of Business undertook a comprehensive A NEW APPROACH TO STORY research project to address the topic A campaign's story should create an emotional connection that can be maintained throughout the program. of new media and the future of advertising. They identified a new model approach to advertising that ADVERTISING TOUCH POINTS The story should be creatively executed through various touch points with the consumer, and should be constructed so touch points are complementary. focuses on five variables. MEASUREMENT, ORCHESTRATION, EXPERIMENTATION Advertisers should enlist new ways to measure business objectives, be flexible in their approaches, and be constantly experimenting with what does and doesn't work. BuySellAds. *Sources: Whorton School of Business, Entrepreneur, Nielsen, MarketingSherpo 00

Medium Matters: What Is The Most Effective Ad Media

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Today, marketers have more options than ever to try to target consumers. So what is the best media now? There’s no one answer that works for all businesses. In the infographic below, we take a look ...


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