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Mass Marketing Versus Personalization

MASS MARKETING -VERSUS PERSONALIZATION At one point, all marketing was personal. The door-to-door salesman, bank teller, and haberdasher all knew their customers by name. Direct mail pieces were printed in different versions to appeal to a customer's geography or preferences. Then, with the dawn of email and websites, marketers began relying on mass-marketing techniques to deliver a singular message cross the new digital channels. Is now the time to finally get personal again and shed your one-size-fits-all marketing strategy? Your customer thinks so! WHAT CONSUMERS WANT 85% 75% Know that websites track their online shopping Prefer that retailers use personal behavior, but understand that tracking enables information to improve the companies to present offers and content that shopping experience. match their interests. 64% 36% Believe it's more important Don't want their website that companies present activity tracked. them with relevant offers. .. and companies are making online personalization a top priority. 94% 66% Companies that agree online personalization is critical to business performance. Two out of every three companies believe personalizing their websites will improve the customer experience and the success of their overall business. THE PERSCNALIZATION TIPPING POINT Two remarkable events changed digital marketing from a one-way communication channel to a more interactive way to communicate with consumers, paving the way for online personalization: iPhone Web 2.0 64% Web 2.0 led to websites The iPhone reacts to realtime situations Companies that are-or plan such as the user's location, while features within the year-to deliver a moving from static pages to dynamic browser-based experiences through client-side technologies such as JavaScript and Ajax. such as type-ahead text let consumers know that the device is reacting to their more personalized experiences to visitors on personal preferences and histories. mobile devices. IMPERSONAL DIGITAL MARKETING EVOLVES TO MEET CONSUMERS' EXPECTATIONS DIGITAL MARKETING Past Present A website that shows the same content, offers, and messages to everyone who visits. Personalized website experiences based on a combination of prior browsing history, in-session behavior, and third-party data. Automated discovery of customer segments that turns website optimization and conversion rate A/B/n and multivariate testing on landing pages to learn who your customers are. optimization into customer optimization. Retargeting campaigns that move beyond the basics, providing a truly united channel experience. Display advertising that lacks any relevance to a consumer. "Spray and pray" email blasts that deliver the same, non-contextual message to every recipient. Relevant email messages targeted to a user's behavior and situation, including location, purchase history, time of day, and current weather conditions. Frustrating mobile and tablet experiences that don't adapt to the form factor of these devices, or play to the unique ways that customers use them. Device-optimized websites that deliver relevant user experiences across all digital touchpoints. 4 TIPS FOR BETTER PERSONALIZATION You don't need to be a data scientist to Don't think of the channel, think of the customer. Despite all the buzz about multichannel and omnichannel, it's not about the channel, it's about the individual customer. Don't be afraid to turn your strategy on its head, and force a customer-centric approach to marketing. 1. make sense of your customer data. 3. Marketing technology can assist with personalization, which is easy to manage and deploy through cloud-based, client-side technology. Create interactions that capitalize on what is known about a customer through 4. data. Target segments with relevant content, and learn from wins and losses Be in it for the long haul. Transactions do not build sustainable businesses, loyalty does. True personalization puts the customer in the lens, and allows marketers to present relevant offers and messages that develop a relationship throughout the customer lifecycle. 2. for a more engaged customer. monetate SOURCES: ECONSULTANCY | FORRESTER RESEARCH | GARTNER | GOOGLE | IDC | Follow @monetate on twittery MASHABLE | THE NIELSEN COMPANY | REDANT | SEARCH ENGINE WATCH

Mass Marketing Versus Personalization

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Is now the time to finally shed the one-size-fits-all marketing strategy and focus on the individual consumer? Your customer thinks so!



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