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The Marketing Power of Digital Coupons

The Marketing Power of Digital Coupons Digital COUPONS ARE GR OWING FAst MORE THAN HALF OF US ADULT INTERNET USERS REDEEM E-COUPONS US Digital Coupon Users 2012-2015 118.3 According to a recent study by eMarketer there was a significant rise in the number of people using 92.3 digital coupons in the U.S. during the first half of 2013. It is expected 48% that the digital coupon audience increase 11% in 2013 and will 110.8 102.5 55% 57.5% 52% continue growing. 52% of the U.S. adult Internet users, or over 100 million people, will use a digital coupon this year. 2012 2013 2014 2015 I Million adult digital coupon users 1 % of adult Internet users CONSUMERS LovE Coupons have become a part of shopping routine for many savvy consumers and people unlikely abandon their frugal habits. Beyond saving money, coupons empower people to try new things and let them quench their thirst for bargains. Digital coupons are much more convenient than their paper predecessors. They are easily searchable, accessible via mobile devices and let skip boring coupon clipping. DigitAL COUPONS DIGITAL COUPONS CAN IMPACT THE PURCHASE Until recently it was believed that there is a 3-7 second window DECISIONS during which shoppers evaluate a product on a store shelf. Online search, product reviews and social media has changed consumers' behavior. Now shoppers come into a store well prepared and with intent to purchase exact products based on what they have learned online. Digital coupons can be used to attract consumers looking for a particular product or service. DIGITAL COUPONS IS Digital coupons AN EFFICIENT TargetiNg TooL are more targeted and have higher redemption rates than many other marketing techniques, e.g. direct mail and traditional coupons. GPS technology have made it possible to determine the exact location of consumers in real time.With geo-targeting businesses can deliver digital coupons to customers when they are nearby to entice them to stop by. Digital Coupons Help Statistically, the digital coupon users have higher household income and better education than general public. E-coupon users are relatively young and more likely live in households with children. Besides, when a coupon is not available, many online coupon users ready to wait until the offer become active instead of going to another store. So, the digital coupon audience is a highly desirable segment for almost any consumer oriented business. REACH AN UPSCALE MARKET DIGITAL COUPONS ArE Consumers who use online Highly SHAREABLE coupons are well versed in the Internet and social media. They are highly social, engaged in blogs and forums, and active in sharing links and information. The virtual nature of online coupons makes them highly shareable. A digital coupon offer can easily become viral and spread quickly through social networks and email. DIGITAL COuponS aRe ACCESSIBLE VIA MObile iones and tablets play an important role in consumers' buying decisions now. Over 80% of shoppers use smartphones while in the actual store. Mobile and geo-targeted apps allow to reach consumers in the purchase phase and this technology has been successfully adopted for digital couponing. More than 28% of owners of mobile devices redeemed a coupon in 2013. The growing popularity of mobile apps creates increasing opportunities for online couponing. DEVICES DigitAL COUPONS OFFER G REAT TR ACKING E-coupons allow brands to collect valuable data about consumers buying coupons right from the start of the promotional campaign. Early tracking makes it possible to tune up your digital coupons as you go and to see which offers are more effective. Besides, assigning tracking codes to each coupon can help to differentiate coupons according to demographics, location, distribution channel or other factors, and to see which of them were more successful. OPPORTUNITIES GetSocIO SOURCE6: www.EMARKETER.COM ECOMME rCE PLATFORM www.GETsoCiO.cOM www.FORBES.COM HTTP://BLOG.GETSOOIO.COM

The Marketing Power of Digital Coupons

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Sales promotions, such as coupons and discount offers, represent an efficient marketing tool that can be used to shape consumers’ behavior, influence purchase decisions and for other business purpos...


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