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Marketing Olympics 2014

MARKETING OLYMPICS oplyn EMAIL MARKETING SKI JUMP (MARKETING) This is viewed as the overall : SETH GODIN SILVER MEDAL NEIL PATEL BRONZE MEDAL CHRIS BROGAN starting point to any and every marketing campaign. Think of launching a Olympian ski jumper launching him/herself off a ramp. Catch the right wind and glide. It may take a few tries to launch your marketing campaign perfectly. GOLD MEDAL campaign as an ICE HOCKEY (WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION) Website optimization has many variables, especially when the optimization is catered for search engines like Google. Optimization is a lot like hockey, every variable or player has their own role, however, the team itself is as strong as its weakest link no, pun intended. GOLD MEDAL : BRIAN CLARK Website SILVER MEDAL PAM MOORE BRONZE MEDAL LEE ODDEN (3) FREESTYLE SKIING (LANDING PAGE) Landing pages are all conversions. Just like a freestyle skier, a landing page throws tricks as the audience and aims to convert. It is important to have A/B testing so that you know which set of tricks will give you the highest conversion about : NEIL PATEL SILVER MEDAL BRIAN CLARK BRONZE MEDAL DEV BASU GOLD MEDAL (3) score. FIGURE SKATING (CONVERSION) Let's quadruple axel into more conversion talk. marketing campaign efforts are merely pointless unless you are converting All of the : BRIAN MASSY SILVER MEDAL NEIL PATEL BRONZE MEDAL TIM ASH GOLD MEDAL visitors Utilize tools into like track the customers. Google Analytics to failures and successes of your marketing campaigns. SPEED SKATING (EMAIL CAMPAIGN) Are you looking for semi-fast marketing marketing campaigns can be your perfect solution. Generally email marketing is budget-friendly and it can give amazing ROI. Create a month long test campaign around a sale or and even and track your results and failures. results? E-mail : CHAD WHITE SILVER MEDAL LOREN MCDONALD BRONZE MEDAL : ALEN MALKOC GOLD MEDAL ズ 3) SHORT TRACK SPEED SKATING (EMAIL BLAST) Do you need emergency needs to an that announcement reach your customer and prospect base as quickly as possible? An email blast through an email marketing provider would be a great solution. You will not get the best results, but it can get you going - quite quickly. : CHAD WHITE GOLD MEDAL SILVER MEDAL ALEN MALKOC BRONZE MEDAL LOREN MCDONALD O NORDIC COMBINED (EMAIL ENGAGEMENT) Continuous email engagement is one of the more effective ways of maintaining and building your customer base. It is one of the marketing aspects that is not valued by businesses. This is unfortunate marketing can deliver up to 40x GOLD MEDAL SUSAN SOLOVIC SILVER MEDAL CHAD WHITE BRONZE MEDAL : LOREN MCDONALD O because email ROI. SKELETON (REPUTATION) All of your marketing efforts can be in danger quite quickly if you do not monitor and manage your reputation. marketing can be diminished by a few negative reviews. Attack this head on. Address all negative, neutral, and positive remarks that : CHRIS BROGAN GOLD MEDAL SILVER MEDAL ANN HANDLEY BRONZE MEDAL SCOTT MONTY online Years of you come across. CURLING (MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING) : SCOTT MONTY SILVER MEDAL CHRIS BROGAN O BRONZE MEDAL ANN HANDLEY Several marketing channels have already been mentioned. Make sure that you synchronize as many of them together so that your brand delivers a consistent brand message. It is simpler than it sounds. Do not let any stone be uncurled or unturned. GOLD MEDAL ALPINE SKIING (SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT) Social media carries a qgreat value many businesses. social media platforms will be more valuable to some businesses to Certain : ANN HANDLEY SILVER MEDAL CHRIS BROGAN BRONZE MEDAL SCOTT MONTY GOLD MEDAL than other. Find out what works for you. Not engaging with your followers can raise red flags and once they are raised they can be difficult to maneuver around. BIATHLON (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) SEO is a long-term investment that can have great ROI if you have the right 'expert.' Make sure to ask for reliable letters of recommendations. Once you find a reputable SEO, make sure you set the short and long haul goals, : DANNY SULLIVAN GOLD MEDAL SILVER MEDAL NEIL PATEL BRONZE MEDAL STEVE WIIDEMAN and make sure to aim for the bull's eye. LUGE (PAY PER CLICK) : DANNY SULLIVAN SILVER MEDAL: JOHN RAMPTON BRONZE MEDAL : BRYAN EISENBERGO Just like email marketing, Pay Per Click campaigns can bring quick traffic to your website. Just like with an SEO expert, make sure you find someone who has real knowledge of the PPC market. Make sure to test ads and landing pages to maximize conversion. GOLD MEDAL CROSS COUNTRY SKIING (BLOGGING) Blogging can carry a significant boost to your marketing efforts. Most businesses have 2-3 blogs and then they forget about it. Blogging is a wonderful way to engage an audience, but make sure to offer valuable information. : SETH GODIN GOLD MEDAL SILVER MEDAL BRIAN CLARK BRONZE MEDAL DARREN ROWSE It is a long-term, worthwhile investment. BOBSLEIGH (BLOG ENGAGEMENT) : BRIAN CLARK SILVER MEDAL : SETH GODIN BRONZE MEDAL : YARO STARK Writing a blog is one challenge, but engaging your audience to start a conversation is another. Develop someone to respond, or even be bold and straightforward and just ask for feedback. Set and forget does successful blogs...engaging does. GOLD MEDAL clever ways to get (3) not work with SNOWBOARDING (MARKETING) : BRAIN CLARK SILVER MEDAL NEIL PATEL BRONZE MEDAL : DANNY SULLIVAN O Lastly, utilize all of the marketing tricks you have. Snowboarders use the half-pipe and ramps to generate attention and convert tricks. Use your arsenal in a synchronized manner. Remember, marketing is about being proactive, consistent, and having continuity. GOLD MEDAL marketing Created by Amer Grozdanic | Twitter: @AmerGrozdanic | [email protected]

Marketing Olympics 2014

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The infographic supports a blog post that outlines and correlates the Winter Olympics Games to the Internet marketing Field. The blog outlays a marketing strategy for entrepreneurs and small business ...



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