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Marketing Metrics Overload

marketing Imetrics everload: what really matters? In excess, marketing metrics become cumbersome, overburdening, and may even lead to a false sense of success. To avoid getting caught in the madness of the data sphere, take a look below to find out which marketing metrics deserve attention and which are safe to let go. -facebook website 00 Having a large number of fans may let you know that the company was successful with social media marketing, A high website visitor count may paint a fluffy picture of business success, but in reality it does not say much about the overall health of a business. The but does not determine if those fans are active, Instead. look for signs of engagement Share which shows if the customer interacted and engaged with the company's content, such as sharing, viewing, liking and commenting. conversion rate, on the other hand, allows you to see if your marketing efforts generate revenue. Engagement # of Fans Conversion Rate # of Visitors e-mail- qualified leads The fact that users open A marketing qualified lead (MQL) can be valuable, but the true value often comes when your e-mails does not guarantee that they'll pursue its contents. However, the click-through rate, whether low or high, lets the company know if the e-mail was compelling, if it attracted attention, and if recipients were convinced to follow the suggested call to action. FREE TRIAL marketing lead is converted to a sales lead. Sales qualified leads (SQL) are valuable metrics because often they directly relate to the purchase of a product or service. the Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Click-through E-mail Open users cost A high number associated with registered users may be appealing but can also be misleading. Instead, focus on the number of which Cost per customer is a more useful metric than cost per lead because it is a more 66 77 active use provides accurate measure of users, important information of on the number actually engaging with the brand, allowing for a clearer picture of business performance. return on investment. Cost per customer lets you know when leads turn into sales that people improve the overall health of the business. Active Registered Per Customer Per Lead GoodData

Marketing Metrics Overload

shared by michee on May 08
Metrics - which ones are actionable and which ones lead to misinformed business decisions?





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