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The Marketing Market: Career and Salary Breakdown for Marketing Professionals

Career and Salary Breakdown For Marketing Professionals THE MARKETING Anyone considering a career in marketing needs to understand the current job market, and what they can expect to earn as a professional. Fortunately for the inspired, marketing salaries are some of the highest around, and the field is expected to continue expanding through 2018. MARKET WHAT CAN MARKETERS EXPECT TO EARN? The field of marketing isn't constrained to a single career path. Instead, there are many specialized, high-paying careers that professionals can pursue: AVERAGE BASE SALARY $116494 $101.775 $92854 $91.169 $90.786 $90,022 $84,515 $64.776 $54.940 $54.117 CRM Targeted Marketing Campaign Marketing Manager Electronic Marketing Manager Secondary Marketing Manager eCommerce Marketing Analyst Database Marketing Analyst International Regional Marketing Manager Database eCommerce Slot Marketing Manager Marketing Manager Marketing Manager Manager The Bureau of Labor Statistics divides the field up into five percentiles of earning. Depending on experience, track record, and ability, marketing managers typically fall into one of the following earning groups: PERCENTILE/YEARLY EARNING 10% 50% $5750 $112.800 75% 90% $151.260 $166,400 25% $80,900 A marketing manager's compensation package is made up of more than just a base salary. Bonuses, retirement contributions, and more are also factored in. A breakdown of an average marketer's compensation looks like this: PERCENT OF TOTAL COMPENSATION 68% 8.9% 5.5% 5.1% 4.6% 4.5% 2.8% 0.5% Base salary Base Salary Social security Healthcare Paid time off Bonuses 401K/403B Disability COMPENSATION VARIES BY LOCATION AND INDUSTRY A marketing manager's location can greatly influence what he or she can expect to earn. Varying levels of competition and demand in different states determine what the position pays. THE TOP FIVE STATES WHERE A MARKETING MANAGER CAN EXPECT TO EARN THE MOST NEW YORK NEW JERSEY DELAWARE CALIFORNIA VIRGINIA $156,420 $143,340 $139430 $139.170 $136.590 While location is an important factor, it isn't the only consideration. Different industries can also affect what a marketing manager can expect to earn. MEDIAN ANNUAL WAGE $164.790 $160.780 $159.110 $151.450 $150,090 Securities and Commodity Exchanges Other Financial Investment Opportunities Securities and Commodity Contracts Intermediation Oil and Gas Extraction Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas and Brokerage THE IMPORTANCE OF HIGHER EDUCATION Obtaining a college degree is crucial to the success of a marketing manager. While a very small number possess only a high school diploma, the large majority has earned a bachelor's or master's degree. EDUCATION LEVEL/PERCENT OF MARKETING MANAGERS ВАСНELOR'S MASTER'S ASSOCIATE'S HIGH SCHOOL DOCTORATE 55% 38% 3% 1% THE GROWING JOB MARKET Marketing managers currently hold around 175,600 jobs in the United States alone. By 2018, the job market is expected to grow 12 percent, adding 21,900 openings in marketing management. TOP FIVE INDUSTRIES WITH THE MOST JOBS IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT 23,710 8,230 7.520 5490 4.950 Management of Companies and Enterprises Computer Systems Design and Related Services Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services Insurance Carriers Software Publishers Management is the largest industry in marketing management, holding around 13.5 perecent of the jobs. The majority of marketing managers possess a moderate-to-high level of experience in their field. EXPERIENCE LEVEL OF MARKETING MANAGERS 0 - 1 years: 8% DDDDDDI. 2- 5 years: 25% 5 – 10 years: 31% Around 68 perecent of marketing managers have more than 5 years of experience, meaning that competition for new professionals could prove tough. 10 – 15 years: 19% More than 15 years: 12% Marketo SOURCES: BLS.GOV| SALARY.COM

The Marketing Market: Career and Salary Breakdown for Marketing Professionals

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Marketing as a field produces a large range of salaries. While it is considered taboo to discuss salaries in the workplace, it’s quite interesting to compare salaries across industries and the vario...


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