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Marketing Automation for Trade Shows

MARKETING AUTOMATION FOR TRADE SHOWS TRAD SHOW THE EASY WAY TO INCREASE EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS AT TRADE SHOWS Despite the rapid adoption of technology and digital media in marketing, physical trade shows remain an important part of B2B marketers' strategies. Trade shows can mean big business to exhibitors using marketing automation for their trade shows. From increased efficiency in information collection and organization, to consistent lead nurturing and accurate ROI, marketing automation can yield dramatic results for trade show exhibitors. THE STATE OF TRADE SHOWS AVERAGE PLAN TO ATTEND ARE IN SEARCH 3.4 EVENTS ATTENDED 60%) SAME NUMBER NEXT YEAR 80%) OF NEW PRODUCTS On average event attendees frequent between three and four events every year. The majority of attendees plan to attend the same number of events next year. 23% plan to attend more. The vast majority of event attendees are frequenting trade shows to find new products. MISSED OPPORTUNITIES Despite the popularity of trade shows, many B2B marketers aren't using them to their full advantage. PAPER-BASED LEAD FORMS MISSED DEMOGRAPHIC INFO 59% of companies are still using paper-based lead forms and business cards to collect information from trade show attendees. This requires a lot of tedious, manual data entry and the possibility of lost information. 70% of exhibitors don't capture their lead's demographic information and other important lead-qualifier questions, which can make the initial follow-up with trade show leads more difficult for your sales team. John DIStefano, research director at BtoB, described marketing automation as a "sleeping giant" when it comes to trade shows. With the ability to link live events with further marketing needs like lead nurturing, marketing automation can make marketers more efficient and effective at trade shows. Here are a few ways automation makes it happen: LANDING PAGES PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM: RADE SHOW When you attend a trade show, you'll want to set up a dedicated landing page with a form to collect information from leads. This form can easily be accessed from a laptop or tablet. Say goodbye to manually inputting information from handwritten forms, or collecting pockets fll of business cards (although exchanging business cards is still good practice). Having a landing page where leads can input their information allows you to quickly collect more information, automatically import that data into your CRM, and immediately follow up with leads. NURTURE LEADS OPEN? When the leads are imported into your marketing automation. system, you can attach them to a campaign so that you'll know where they originated. From there, you can follow up with them or place them on drip campaigns to slowly nurture them with relevant content post-conference. This is a terrific, hands-off, way to bring warm leads to a sales-ready state. NO .... YES**** OPEN? NO .***. YES ...... OPEN? Content Ideas for Trade Show Drip Campaigns: WHITE PAPERS Educate your leads on your industry with white papers on topics they may find relevant. EVENT RECAPS VIDEOS Ease your leads into a drip campaign by stating from the familiar ground of the trade show. Send fun, relevant content like videos to provide more detail about your industry. CALCULATE ROI UNDERSTAND YOUR ROI BUDGET MORE ACCURATELY CALIBRATE YOUR STRATEGIES PREDICT FUTURE RETURNS Because prospects are attached to campaigns within a marketing automation system, it's easy to attribute revenue to its source. With this With increased knowledge of your trade show ROI, you will be able to more accurately budget your time and resources for future trade shows and events. Marketing success is dependant on calibrating strategies appropriately. A better understanding of your ROI will show you what strategies are working and which ones are not. Understanding your trade show ROI will allow you to make accurate predictions for your company's performance at future trade shows, from number of leads generated to insight, you can judge the ROI of your trade show presence. hard revenue numbers. For more information on how to improve your marketing, visit Pardot SOURCES an

Marketing Automation for Trade Shows

shared by Pardot on Nov 29
While trade shows can yeild big results for exhibitors, many are not using trade shows to their full potential. In an article yesterday, our own Jenna Hanington explained how marketers are missing opp...




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