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Marijuana Vs. Tobacco

TOBACCO MARIJUANA $35 Billion The tobacco industry Market • Marijuana is tho 3rd most popular recreational drug in America (behind only alcohol and tobaoco). $1.5 Billion Market 48.8k manutacturing Jobs Joh epeninge in the caab dustey spenda up to 6 billion a year on advertising and promotion. • Tobacco is one of & 136k tarming loba. bave groven ovet 300 vion 2005 the most widely used addictive substancaa 5% • Enforcing matijuana prohibition costs tax 63% in the world. Annual Growrth Rate .Cigarette smoking in payara an estimated $10 billion annually. Annual Growth Rate responsible for more than 480,000 deatha par yaar 30% • The average regular user smokes 2-4 joints worth of marijuana each day. 40%. Gross Margin in the United States. Gross Margin • About 30 billion packs are sold annually in the US. 18% • The illegal marijuana markat values at $142 Billion. 14 M Of all Americans smoke cigarettes. • All of the cigarottes Smoked per year in the U.S. weigh as much as 360,000 • So far 22 Statas and D.C. have legalized medical marjiuana. Americans smoke weed. vW Beetles INDUSTRY STATS ALCOHOL • Faced considerable COFFEE resistanco in many cultures over the $198 Billion Market centuries. It was blamed for fueling tiots, spawning seditious speech and $10 Billion Market • Responsible for over S400 billion in total even encouraging U.S. economic activity since the repeal of alcohol prohibition 75 Satan worship. 3.2% • On average, US. consumara spand $21 weekly on coffee. 7.4%A yaars ago. Annual Growth Rate • Distillad spirita are Annual Growth Rate one of the highest taxed 50% consumer products in the United States. • On average, US. coffee drinkers consume thie and 85% a half cups a day. • Beer dominates on a volume shara basis at 87 % of consumption. Gross Margin Gross Margin • More than 500 billion cups of coffee Generates 3.9M jobs Employa S25M workGrN 51% 83% ara served worldwide • Alcohol-related problems oost the U.S. Gconomy an estimated S185 billion per year $$$$$$ ach year Of Americans Drink Alcohol Socially Of Americans Drink Coffee & noarly $90B in wages • Crown in more than across 20k businessos. 50 countries COMPARINGMARKETS T DISPENSARY EXPERTS WHw.1bedispesaryexpet

Marijuana Vs. Tobacco

shared by DashThomas on Jan 21
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Marijuana and tobacco are often compared especially that the legalization of marijuana is approved in several states. In what areas do they differ?




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