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Manager-Managed LLC vs. Member-Managed LLC: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

Members or Managers: What's the Best Way to Operate Your LLC? LLCS Are an Increasingly Popular Option for Business Owners 1 Forming LLCS has increased in popularity, from 2.3 million a year in 1985 to over 8 million a year now. The member-managed structure represents 99.9 percent of all the LLCS created at Incfile. incfile When forming an LLC, you can choose to have a member-managed LLC or a manager-managed LLC. LLCS offer liability protection, flexibility in ownership and simpler administration than a corporation. LLC Member- 2 Managed LLCS Most LLCS are managed by their members (member-managed), which means that all members are involved in the operation and management of the business. > Depending on the Operating Agreement of the LLC, all members have voting authority to decide on actions the LLC will take. Manager-Managed LLCS 3 Manager-managed LLCS delegate decision-making power to other parties. 1 These parties are defined in the Operating Agreement of the LLC. Those parties may or may not be members of the LLC. 3 In some states, managers can be another LLC or a corporation. Operating Agreements and LLC Management Structures The Operating Agreement defines whether an LLC will be member-managed or manager-managed. The Operating Agreement details voting rights, operational responsibilities and decision-making powers. An LLC will default to being member-managed if you do not request another type of structure and if it is not defined in the Operating Agreement. A Member-Managed LLC Is Best If: Everyone has the authority to conduct All members want to be involved in decision-making business on behalf of for the business. the company, including negotiation, financial management, signing checks and other central business activities. You do not have an Operating Agreement or your Operating Agreement does not mention a manager- The more members managed LLC. an LLC has, the more complex this becomes. A Manager-Managed LLC is Best If: 6 You want only specific individuals to make decisions about the business. You want to change ownership of the LLC but retain some control. Some members only want to be passive investors or owners of the business. Members do not have the experience, expertise or skills to run the LLC themselves. There are lots of members and having everyone involved in decision-making is creating delays and complications. incfile References

Manager-Managed LLC vs. Member-Managed LLC: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

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There are business entities to consider, potential investors to negotiate with, copyright laws to abide by, marketing strategies to plan and so much more. One aspect that many entrepreneurs fail to co...



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