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Make Google Fall In Love With Your Website

MAKE GOogle FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR WEBSITE I MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION Get your website noticed by Google with correct robots.txt and sitemap.xml files. Submit updated sitemap.xml to Google Webmaster Tools BE MEMORABLE Let Google take a good look at your site. Use proper hierarchy for your service/product categories and sub-categories backed with friendly navigation menus and breadcrumbs BRING SOME FRESHNESS Entice Google to visit often with something new added regularly on your website. This can be a new blog post, a case study or whitepapers, new photos or videos TAKE CARE HOW YOU DRESS Look good every time with proper title and meta tags, well placed header tags, rich snippets, proper internal linking in your content and adequate content quantity REGULARY VISIT INTERESTING PLACES Meet Google beyond your website with your brand present on other Google sites, social media sites, niche forums, blogs and other important websites in your industry 6. KEEP IT ORIGINAL ENGAGE, CONVERSE, INTERACT Let your positive brand personality show through. Your actions should match the positive qualities your customers associate with and expect when interacting with your business Ensure you have an active brand presence on all these websites with regular interaction, participation and communication through updates, posts, comments MAKE THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS AND BE HELPFUL Identify influencers and build natural, mutually engaging relationships. Create useful stuff, offer regularly to your network and make sharing easy PAY ATTENTION RESPOND PROMPTLY 9 AND LISTEN 10 Refine your steps to make a better impression and Google is a quiet speaker so listening carefully is important. Watch traffic changes, ranking changes, search results enhancements regularly and in detail. take corrective action, tweak your strategy and tactics, repeat Dharne&Co. vvvvv Illustration & Design by v v

Make Google Fall In Love With Your Website

shared by davidjohnson on Feb 14
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10 Steps that you need to take to get your website some Google love. From crawlability to content to quality links, this graphics gives you the key ingredients that go in making your website valuable.


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