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Maintenance Tips to Prevent early replacement of your electric hot water

MAINTENANCE TIPS TO PREVENT EARLY REPLACEMENT OF YOUR ELECTRIC ноT WATER HEATER ELECTRIC HOT WATER REPLACEMENT QUICK TIPS! Insulation 1 This is one of the easiest and most important tips to ensure a long-lasting water heater. This simply involves making use of a foil-covering insulating blanket which can be custom cut for your own appliance and insulating the hot water pipes to keep the heat in and prevent heat loss by conduction. Water heaters generally are a hassle when it comes to general repair. Even the best of them will eventually need to be repaired. However, how often you repair your water heater depends on how well you practice good maintenance practices for your electric water heater. It is one thing to hope to maintain your electric water heater well enough and another to be aware of the correct maintenance practices to employ to ensure your heater stands the test of time. Here are some maintenance tips that ensure you electric water heater lasts long almost without repair Temperature adjustment Lowering the temperature of your heater to about 120 helps you save cost as well as maintain your water heater. Always make sure your temperature is at this range if you want your heater to last long without needing replacement. Calling a plumber Conducting follow up tests on your electric water heater is essential to ensure durability of your water heater. A professional plumber can make sure the temperature and pressure valve of your heater is working properly. This should be done once or twice a year. "L M EN Periodic cleaning of the water heater 4 Honeywel It is necessary to clean your water heater every six months to get rid of sediments that may reduce the efficiency of the heater. You don't need rocket science knowledge to clean your water heater properly. Switch off the power connected to your heater to begin the cleaning process. Attach a garden hose to the bottom of your water heater's base and then flush it out with previously hot water letting it cool when in the heater. This removes almost 94% of the sediment present in the heater. Check the anode rod The anode rod is the saving grace of your electric water heater. How is this possible you might ask, well, the anode rod rust and corrode quite easily and this in turn prevents the steel lining in your water from corroding faster than normal. Ensure to check for the anode rod for rust every once in a year. Önce you notice corrosion, it is time to change the anode rod. You might require the services of a plumber to do so. These tips mentioned are proven to ensure your electric water heater last up to their expected life span (or even longer). It is also important to ensure your plumber is licensed and experienced to make accurate inspections and deductions. Were you able to get more information about maintenance tips for effective usage of your electric hot water heater? Disclaimer : This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. Source : PENRITH O PLUMBING & HOT WATER powered by P PIKTOCHART 3

Maintenance Tips to Prevent early replacement of your electric hot water

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In this infographic you can check what are maintenance tips to prevent replacement of your electric hot water system, If you are looking for reliable plumber then penrith plumbing is best option for y...






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