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Magic Blocks of eCommerce

Magic Blocks of E-Commerce Conversion Engagement Retention Attraction Analytics Optimization 6 th Block : Analytics Running a successful ecommerce store without metrics is almost unthinkable. But there's a whole world of tools out there for ecommerce stores each offering something interesting. These tools keep evolving constantly so it gets harder and harder to differentiate between them. Here's a quick look at the strengths of some of the more interesting ones.. 1. Page view Analytics Page view analytical tools focus largely on tracking users through the clicks on a web page. They will come in handy when you want a bird's eye view of whatť's happening in your online store. Time spent Campaign Tracking SEO Page view Analytics Traffic Click Page view segmentation rate Google Analytics Google is the big daddy of page view analytics. Some of the key features in Google Analytics are • Page view based representation • Visitor sources(session based) • Visitor flow • Search based traffic analysis • New and repeat visitors 10 million Did you know ? sites use Google Analytics 2. User Level Analytics These tools focus on the user in their representations. They offer in-depth analysis of customer behavior at a user level. User Seymentation Customer Lifetime value Retention User Level Analytics Customer Lifecycle Marketing User modelling tracking Kissmetrics These are some of the important feature they offer • Advanced user level tracking • Individual user history • Customer lifetime value • Cohort analysis Woopra These are some of the important features they offer • User tracking • Instant notification for user activity • Live chat Around 8% of customers account for 48% of the revenue on most ecommerce sites 3. Event Level Analytics Event level analytics track the actions within a page instead of just url changes. Event tracking Event Campaign optimization Funnels Event Level Analytics Website In page activity Timespent on event Optimization MixPanel • Cohort analysis • Sophisticated querying / segmentation • Retroactive funnel analysis • Push notifications/emails based on user tracking • Real time representation. mix •.. CrazyEgg CrazyEgg offers extensive tracking of actions on a webpage based on mouse movements and clicks. • Heatmaps • Scrollmaps • Distinguishing clicks based on referral sources, search terms and more. users leave a webpage in about 12 seconds if there is no clear value proposition 4. Engineering Analytics These tools enable you to monitor and study the performance of your online store at an engineering level. App Storage optimization Bottleneck detection Engineering Analytics Performance monitoring Database Server New Relic They provide performance analysis of your tech infrastructure and your app. • Real time performance monitoring • Multiple programming language support • Mobile app monitoring AppDynamics Some of the important features offered are • Performance monitoring • Location based latency detection • Transaction monitoring • Code diagnostics Load times for top retail sites increased by 22% last year 5. Product Level Analytics This is a new approach to offer actionable insights. All the metrics here concentrate on whats happening to your products: which ones are selling, which aren't and more. User Behavior Pre-purchase Insights Extensive Product Segmentation Product Level Analytics Product Grouping Merchandising Support Product Tracking MineWhat Inc MineWhat is a Micro Analytics application directed at online stores that provides insights at a product level • Purchase predictions • Providing product choices and setup help for campaigns • Collaborative decision making • Custom insights with shopper segmentation • Competition tracking An average USer sees more than 20 products before they buy one MineWhat V Product Analytics for eCommerce

Magic Blocks of eCommerce

shared by MineWhat on Jul 02
Running a successful eCommerce store without metrics is almost unthinkable, but there's a whole world of tools out there for eCommerce stores. These tools keep evolving constantly so it gets harder an...




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