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A look at paid vacation time around the globe

X TAKING A BREAK A LOOK AT PAID VACATION TIME AROUND THE GLOBE THE U.S. IS THE ONLY ADVANCED ECONOMY THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE EMPLOYERS TO PROVIDE PAID VACATION TIME U.S. workers have no legal right to paid vacations Almost 1 in 4 Americans do not receive any paid vacation or paid holidays Despite the relatively small amount of vacation days that Americans do get, the average employee reports using only half (51%) of his or her eligible time off 51% SMALL BUSINESS WORKERS, LOW-WAGE WORKERS AND PART-TIME WORKERS ARE MOST LIKELY TO SUFFER FROM THE LACK OF PAID VACATION DAYS 90% 91* 86* 69* 49* 35* 69 percent vs. 86 percent of small of workers business in medium workers and large have paid companies 49 percent vs. 90 percent of low-wage of high-wage workers workers have paid vacation 35 percent vs. 91 percent of part-time of full-time workers workers have paid vacations vacation A SURVEY FROM WORLD AT WORK FOUND THAT MANY U.S. ORGANIZATIONS ARE SHIFTING THEIR TIMEOFF POLICIES FROM TRADITIONAL LEAVE PROGRAMS, WHERE EMPLOYEES ARE ALLOCATED TIME FOR SICK DAYS AND VACATION, TO PAID TIMEOFF (PTO) SYSTEMS, WHERE EMPLOYEES CAN BANK TIME FOR PERSONAL LEAVE. 143% PTO programs grew by 43 percent from 2002 to 2010 +24% whereas traditional programs declined by 24 percent during that same period COUNTRY-BY-COUNTRY: A LOOK AT EMPLOYEES LEGAL RIGHT TO PAID VACATION AND PAID HOLIDAYS AUSTRIA 25 13 PORTUGAL 22 13 FRANCE 30 ITALY 20 11 GERMANY 20 10 NEW ZEALAND 20 10 UNITED KINGDOM 28 AUSTRALIA 20 NORWAY 25 2 CANADA 10 JAPAN 10 Number of Paid Holidays UNITED STATES O Number of Paid Vacation Days WHY SHOULD EMPLOYERS CARE ABOUT VACATION TIME? NOT ONLY DOES FAILURE TO TAKE TIME AWAY FROM WORK HAVE DETRIMENTAL EFFECTS ON A PERSON'S PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH, IT ALSO IMPACTS WORK PERFORMANCE AND PRODUCTIVITY. :( Women who don't take regular vacations are 2 to 8 times more likely to suffer from depression and are 50 percent more likely to have heart disease For men, heart attack-related deaths go up by a third Stress-related health care is estimated to cost $344 billion a year HELP KEEP YOUR EMPLOYEES HEALTHY, ENGAGED AND PRODUCTIVE BY ENCOURAGING THEM TO TAKE TIME OFF FROM WORK. AS YOU SHAPE YOUR TIME OFF POLICY, CONSIDER THESE 6 QUESTIONS TO HELP YOU REMAIN IN COMPLIANCE. WHO gets vacation time? WHAT WHERE WHEN happens to unused vacation time? can employees see the amount of time they've accrued and the rate at can employees use their allotted vacation time? which it accrues? WHY HOW Why does the organization have this specific vacation policy? How was it developed? much vacation time do employees receive? SOURCES: CENTER FOR ECONOMIC AND POLICY RESEARCH, MARKETPLACE.ORG, HR DEFENSE BLOG, WORLDATWORK FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.CERIDIAN.COM. WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE! [email protected] in Tube CERIDIAN

A look at paid vacation time around the globe

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View this Ceridian infographic on paid vacation time policies around the globe and learn what questions to ask to ensure that your policy is in compliance


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