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A Look Back at Facebook's Revenue and Valuations

THE PUBLIC OPTION FACEBOOK'S IPO Facebook's long-awaited IPO is set to kick off Friday, May 18th, in a stock event that will make millionaires and billionaires out of many of the people who have built the world's most widely used social network. Below we look at Facebook's revenue over time as well as the many valuations that people have attached to the high-flying company over the years. As of Friday afternoon, however, only one valuation will matter. ESTIMATED REVENUES 2007 $150 million 2008 $265 million 2009 $550 million 2010 $1.974 billion 2011 $3.711 billion 2012 First quarter: $1.058 billion FACEBOOK'S DUAL-CLASS STOCK: HOW IT WORKS All currently issued stock is converted to Class B stock which carries 10X the voting power of the Class A stock sold in an IPO. This is seen as a way for owner Mark Zuckerberg and current executives to maintain control. GIGAOM HISTORICAL VALUATION 2004 - FEBRUARY 2004 Backed by only a few thousand dollars, FB goes live as small social-networking site limited to Harvard undergrads. JUNE 2004 - FB declines $10 million offer from Friendster after PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel invests $500,000. 2005 APRIL 2005 - Rumors peg valuation at $100 millionas s12.7 milion is raised from Accel Partners. MARCH 2006 - FB declines $750 million acquisition offer and shops itself for $2 billion. 2006 APRIL 2006 - Valuation is reported to be $525 million as FB raises an additional $25 million. SEPTEMBER 2006 Yahoo! offers to acquire FB for billion DECEMBER 2006 Early investor Peter Thiel tells Bloomberg he 2007 believes FB is worth $8 billion OCTOBER 2007 $15 billion valuation. Microsoft invests $240 million in preferred stock at a FB later.denies this as an accurate estimate of its worth. 2008 JUNE 2008 - FB values itself at $3.75 billion for ConnectU v. FB court trial. AUGUST 2008 Valuation is said to be $4 billion after FB permits employees to sell vested shares. MARCH 2009 - FB stock trades at a valuation below $3 billion as former CFO Gideon Yu is unable to secure new funding. 2009 APRIL 2009 VentureBeat reports a APRIL 2009 - FB tums down a term sheet with a $4 billion $2 billion valuation from potential investors. valuation as Zuckerberg refuses more funding. MAY 2009 Rumors surface that FB turned down yet "another term sheet at an $8 billion valuation. MAY 2009 FB receives $200 million investment from JULY 2009 FB is valued at Russian firm Digtal Sky $10 billion Technologies at a preferred-stock valuation. $6.5 billion as Digital Sky Technologies begins its buyback of shares at $14.77 each. DECEMBER 2009 Advisory firm NYPPEX values NOVEMBER 2009 FB common stock is valued at *$7.6 billion Facebook at $9.5 billion as stock prices jump to $21 per share at SecondMarket, a service that allows FB employees to sell shares. 2010 JANUARY 2010 Offers to buy Facebook's private common stock reaches $32 a share, valuing the company at JUNE 2010 $14 billion. Valuation is pegged at $23 billion after Elevation Partners purchases 2.4 million shares. JULY 2010 Days after Elevation Partner's investment, analysts at Next Up Research say Facebook's valuation is $12 billion. AUGUST 2010 Private shareholder trading values Facebook at more than $33 billion. NOVEMBER 2010 Accel Partners sells off a chunk of its shares, valuing Facebook at $34 billion. DECEMBER 2010 Common stock closes at $25 a share in the private marketplace, making the social net worth $59.4 billion. 2011 JANUARY 2011 Facebook raises $1.5 billion from Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies, giving it a valuation of $50 billion. MARCH 2011 General Atlantic ups the value at $65 billion when it purchases shares from former Facebook employees. AUGUST 2011 Interpublic Group sells about half its holdings, valuing Facebook at $65.5 billion. SEPTEMBER 2011 The valuation soars to $87.5 billion after private secondary market trading. 2012 MARCH 2012 Valuation is pegged at $102.8 billion MAY 2012 Facebook sets its IPO share price at $38 at a $104 billion valuation. "Sources:, Created By COLUMN FIVE

A Look Back at Facebook's Revenue and Valuations

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Facebook's long-awaited IPO kicked off Friday, May 18th, in a stock event that will make millionaires and billionaires out of many of the people who have built the world's most widely used social netw...




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