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The Longest Lasting Businesses

THE LONGEST LASTING BUSINESSES TIME LINE The oldest companies still in operation -500 - 1299 A.D. A retie Occan 500 O A Kongo Gumi 600 Sweden O iil Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan O II Hoshi Ryokan Iceland Finlar Since 705 A.D. hotel 700 - The oldest hotel still in operation - 52 operators since its founding. United Kindom O Genda Shigyo NISIYAMA ONSEN KEIUNKAN Y stiftskeller St. Peter 800 Ukraine pub 7 Staffelter Hof Since 953 A.D. Geo re Arm Turkey Cyprus aSyrig -The oldest pub in Britain - Served as a safe house for persecuted Catholic priests. Portugal prth Karea O Sean's Bar 900 Soath Kofe THE BINGLEY ARMS ebanen toite * D The Bingley Arms Jordan ... .. Nepal West Bhutan Bangladesh O Ichimonjiya Wasuke IO Marinelli Bell D Weihenstephan AID Weltenburger * Otterton Mill AD Affligem brewery restaurant 1000 India Taiwan giman Since 803 A.D. Unitgd Arab Emirates -A restaurant within the monastery walls of St. Peter's Archabbey - The oldest restaurant in Europe. Since 578 A.D.can - Started by an immigrant from Baekje (Korea) -Specializes in building Buddhist temples. construction Maldives 1100 l Zum Roten Bären * 1 Aberdeen Harbour STIFTSKELLER ST. PETER Barone Ricasoli Brundi ansania KONGO GUMI Timo r-Leste O Tsuen Tea O T Fujito K ÜL Angel & Royal 7 Eyguebelle Angola Matui Zamhin 1200 Since 1040 A.D. ta The world's oldest brewery still in operation. brewer Namil Auantie AR U The Bear Inn -O Wieliczka = D Aldersbach Australia tlan WEIHENSTEPHAN O Frapin AStoraEnso South Africa 1300 47 7 1300 -1399 A.D. Aretir Socean LL Orso Grigio 1300 7 Frescobaldi O ill Notoya YI Bratwursthäusle Nürnberg Since 1366 A.D. Originally named "Den Horen" - Sebastien Artois gave it his name in 1717 - In 1926 was launched as a festive beer. 1310 brewery STELLA ARTOIS + Rats 1320 AD Browar Namysłów Interlaken Sweden mint II Richard de Bas Iceland iland Since 1328 A.D. E O Kremnica Mint Norway - A state-owned mint - Kremnica ducats were well-known and considered the hardest currency in Central Europe. АЦ 1330 E D Augustiner - I| Gmachl Estorla KREMNICA MINT O i Maruya Belarus Treland Betnd Germdny AD Brand 1340 O N Takata - D Pivovar Broumov Since 1334 A.D. . Gmachl (near Salzburg) is the oldest family business in Austria. - The business is now run by Michaela Hirnböck-Gmachl and her husband Friedrich Hirnböck (22nd generation). 1350 YI Haus zum Rüden Zürich Turkey Syrig Irag ...... Jordan Tan Farael GMACHL Bhutan 1360 Eeypr Bangteah 10. Saudi rabia Eribrea Mauritania India Taiwan | 0 Stella Artois Burkina Fasa Philippings Fncific E YI old Crown IO Torrini Firenze Gambia Mali Chad য় Unitede Arab Emtrates Sudan Dfibouti Ethiopia 1370 Guinea ... Since 1308 A.D. Maldiu - Developed a notable client base - Traded their wine with the Renaissance painter Michelangelo. Uyanda Sorbilia wine - 0 Einbecker 1380 brewery Since 1328 A.D. - Munich's oldest still FRESCOBALDI independent brewery - Produces Munich's most popular brands of beer. 7 Antinori occa AUGUSTINER TI Goldener Adler 1390 wana Modambique Mauritius Australia tlanti • A Namariichi Lesotho Swaziland Occan South Afric YI Schnupp 1400 47 7 48 1400-1499 A.D. retic Ratskeller Bremen - D Schlenkerla 1400 restaurant Since 1405 A.D. -The council wine cellar of the Town Hall of Bremen -One of the oldest wine cellars of Germany - The oldest wine barrel of Germany dated 1653 is stored, here. Since 1488 A.D. D Schremser 1410 candles YI Zum Goldenen Sternen The oldest candle manufacturer in the world. YI Pianyifang E = Krumbad RATHBORNES CANDLES RATSKELLER BREMEN I II Les Bonnets Rouges. 1420 + Raeapteek K Mühle Sting Iceland Russia United Kindom boat building 1430 Since 1438 A.D. Lodenwalker AD tvia - The oldest shipyard in the 7 Schloss Sommerhausen A Camuffo di Portogruaro world -10th place amongst the oldest of generations of family businesses. Trela E I Zum Goldenen Anker 1440 CAMUFFO DI PORTOGRUARO Mongolia AD Hoegaarden bekistan Spain rtugal Armenia Turkey D ky reyeatan orth Turkmeiatan 1450 Taitatstan Soth Korea) Irág Afghanistan China Japan Jordan Eswait Alger West ABbak Libya Friedels Keller 1460 E Geska Saudi Arabtr... Burkina Fuso Niger man ***.aited Ar bank Since 1472 A.D. - The oldest surviving bank in the world - Italy's third largest bank. arifiz Gambia Mal Chad Yemen O Y Inoue Sudan Togo Nigeria .4.Centrál Afrtean Guinea Ghiby Djibouti Smirates Ở Mazlo Drean 1470 Ethiopia Monte dei Paschi di Siena % Republig MONTE DEI PASCHI DI SIENA Brunety Sorealia I La Rochere ganda Kenya AD Warka Seychelles Indonesia 1480 hdign Timo r-Leste Since 1470 A.D. jeweler -Business was started in the fifteenth century in Venice by Georgius el-Mazloum - Georgius invented the "Alchemical" Test which is still in use - Established in Paris since 1977 as •I Hiraizumi Ia Rathbornes Candles 1490 Sommerhuber Australia clantic MAZLO 7 Raventós "Mazlo". Shore Porters 1500 1500 -1599 A.D. retic Fukkodo 1500 IO Castello Tudisco restaurant Since 1503 A.D. - The most haunted public house in the City of York -A grade Il listed building by English Heritage 1510 R Y Golden Fleece Inn H* E Hampton Ferry *S RJ Balson & Son * Orell Füssli Holding AG GOLDEN Since 1534 A.D. FLEECE INN The world's oldest publishing house -The second largest university press in the world -Granted letters patent by Henry VIII. 1520 O Toraya publishing A Schöllnitzer Finland CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY IO Beretta PRESS A Liubiju 1530 atorle Cetruia Anja Cambridge University Press Ireland Belarus bank 1540 Since 1590 A.D. . One of the world's oldest existing banking dynasties - Germany's oldest bank - The world's second oldest bank The world's oldest family owned bank. Ukraine * Touwfabriek G. van der Lee Kunitomo Kyutaro Portua BERENBERG prth Ko 1550 Turkey Malta a Syrig Sonth Kohea) Lebanon Yarael Iran Afghinistan China Morocen Jordan Vest Bhak Boswait Algeria Bhutan Aritsugu Libya Egypt 1560 Sahara IO SS Annunziata Saudi Arabia Eribrea Mairis Cman Tajivan Burkina Puso Niger Togo Nigeria Abia Mali Philippings Chad United A Emirateo Sudan Vemen acific + Einhorn Apothecary Since 1584 A.D. Historical Turkish Bath . Established by Nurbanu Sultan, wife of Selim Il and mother of Murat II - Constructed by Mimar Sinan. Djibouti 1570 Ghang Royal Tichelaar Makkum Central Afrtean Republic Ethiopia turkish bath .... Uganda Soretalia dana Kenye undi yzania ÇEMBERLITAŞ HAMAMI I I La Tour d'Argent 1580 Seychelles Timo r-Leste Comoros Cl Çemberlitaş Hamamı occan - Corbiac Since 1526 A.D. Berenberg The oldest active firearms manufacturen in the world - Has been owned by the same family for some five hundred years. firearms 1590 Australia Ed Meier BERETTA • A Umai 1600 1600 -1799 A.D. - D Gundel 1600 Since 1669 A.D. K A Bushmills - The largest producer of traditional Chinese medicine now - Founder served as a senior physician of the royal court of the Qing Dynasty. Since 1670 A.D. Wolff pharmacy The oldest commercial 1610 OA Takenaka corporation in North America -A fur trading business for much of its existence Aril retailing Mellerio TONG REN TANG A Shirley Plantation -Today owns and operates retail stores throughout Canada and the United States. oceay HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY 1620 O Avedis Zildjian Since 1610 A.D. construction 1630 :- The oldest firm of that type anywhere in the world - Now regarded in Japan as one of the "Big Five" contractors. TAKENAKA E A Field View Farm 1640 E Post-och Inrikes Tidningar - Fiskars 1650 - * Royal Delft Bahaman AR J0 Firmin Baieido ocran Cote dunire 1660 .....** I E Gazzetta di Mantova D Gubernija occan + Tong Ren Tang A Hudson's Bay Company Since 1613 A.D. 1670 The oldest family company in Europe - Gives its name to the Mellerio cut, a 57-facet jewel cut, shaped as an oval within an ellipse; a member of the Comité Colbert and of Les Hénokiens. jeweler oit ru E YI White Horse Tavern * Simonis 1680 MELLERIO farm Brill Since 1613 A.D. • The oldest active plantation in Virginia • One of the oldest family-owned businesses in North America • The plantation was added to the National Register in 1969 and declared a National Historic Landmark in 1970. IE Maison Gradis O Gjensidige * O JB Joyce 1690 7 Taylor's SHIRLEY PLANTATION Bank of Scotland 7 Berry Brothers and Rudd 1700 LEGEND SOURCES Chemicals Distillery Retailing Boat building Newspaper Pub Knives Porcelain Clocks Perfume Turkish Bath Sake Paper bags + Confectionery Olive Oil Shoes • • • • Tea Blades O Jewelry Salt • • • • Paper Foundry O Beltmaker Textile • • • • • • Pharmacy Restaurant Firearms Glass • • • • • • • • Wine Bank Trading Ferry Mint Rope Incense Cymbals Holding Farm Brewery Pickle • • Butcher Transport Construction Hotel • • Cheese Candles Publisher Cognac Insurance Harbour Cloth Mill Baths Ceramics Infographic by: Your web and graphic design partner QUARTSOFT ...... hotel 000000000000O 00000000000000

The Longest Lasting Businesses

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If you look at this infographic showing the oldest businesses still in operation you’ll notice that today’s most developed countries seem to have the biggest concentration of old companies that ha...


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