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The Long Road Ahead - A Checklist To Becoming A Trucker

THE LONG ROAD AHEAD A CHECKLIST TO BECOMING A TRUCKER You stand in the parking lot, with your Commercial Driver's License in hand ready to begin a new career. You're an Owner- Operator! Does it all seem a bit daunting? Do you know what steps are necessary to get started? Here's a general guideline on how to become a for hire truck driver! You can check with your base jurisdiction to make sure you meet any special local requirements that aren't listed here, or hire a transportation service agent to guide you. No matter how you proceed, these are the general steps a for hire trucker should take. 1 PURCHASE TRUCK It is important to purchase the right truck for the work you want to do. Consider: • Comfort: You'll be spending a lot of time in this truck, make sure it's comfy • Axle Configuration: Consider the terrain and type of driving you'll be doing • Gross Vehicle Weight: The truck, cargo load, • Horsepower: How much is required for the type of task you'll be doing • Engine: Does the engine meet the emission standards? Each state / province has its own regulations passengers 199510 If it's also a used truck, pay attention to: • Ago • Emission standards and complianco • Mileago • Fuol Efficioncy 2 GET INSURANCE As a truck driver, you bear a lot of responsibilities. In addition to delivering cargo on time, it is important to protect yourself from damages and lawsuits that may occur. Pro Tip: Speak with an insurance agent who specializes in trucking, and not just a general insurance agent! Getting the right coverage and getting it correctly posted to FMCSA is important. Make sure your insurance coverage includes: Covers the cost of stolen or damaged goods in your truck Body damage from an accident, or the weather Damage to others LIABILITY CARGO INSURANCE PHYSICAL DAMAGE COVERAGE GET AN EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION EIN NUMBER FROM THE IRS It is important to get an EIN for tax purposes from the Internal Revenue Service. You can now apply online for FREE, and will receive your EIN upon completion! Most people take only 20 minutes from start to finish. NUMBER Pro Tip: Watch out for services that charge a fee to expedite your EIN. The fastest and least expensive way to get your EIN is to do it yourself directly from Your EIN is ready for paper file the moment it's issued, but a new EIN will take about two weeks to be ready for e-file. 4 FORM 2290 |/ Pay and File Form 2290 Form 2290 is for truckers who register a heavy highway motor vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. It's a required part of your Vehicle Registration. You'll need: • An EIN, business name, address and phone number The full 17 digit VIN and Gross Vehicle Weight of each truck • IRS Tax Payment Method • A Credit Card for the e-filing service WEIGH STATION Pro Tip: The IRS recommends e-file over paper file because it's more accurate, faster, and secure. Obtain Department of Transportation Number and Motor Carrier Authority DOT To legally conduct interstate operations, you have to be registered with the DOT. To complete your registration, you need to pass the new entrant safety audit within the first 90 days of operation. The areas for review include: NUMBER Driver qualifications • Accident register Driver record of duty status (Hours of service logs) • Medical fitness • Vehicle maintenance • Hazardous materials • Controlled substances and alcohol use testing WHAT LOADS WILL YOU HAUL? What type of loads you haul depends on your CDL, the trucking company you work for and the state /country you live in. Some notable cargo loads include: BUILDING MATERIALS FRESH PRODUCE PASSENGERS REFRIGERATED FOODS MAIL 6. IRP Obtain International REGISTRATION Registration Plan Registration Pro Tip: Be SUPER nice to the people in the "tag" office. The government employees who do this work are often learning about trucking while they do your application. A big smile and a kind tone of voice go a long way. IRP registration is required when traveling between two or more jurisdictions. How to apply: Complete an IRP application with the jurisdiction where you are based and send it to their address. • The paperwork is complicated and most people need help • Assistance is available if truckers walk into their "tag" office or hire a registration service. 7 IF TA PERMIT Obtain International Fuel Tax Agreement Permit IFTA is a license that allows you to travel interstate and buy fuel wherever you need it. It requires good records so that fuel taxes can be fairly distributed to each jurisdiction to maintain the roads, Complete an IFTA application for your jurisdiction to get a license and a decal for your truck. mile the truck travels in every jurisdiction every day. Keep all fuel receipts for 4 years in case your tax return is audited. RECORD ΚΕΕPING must be filed to stay active and in good standing. Reports are due in January, April, July and October. Keep track of every A quarterly tax return REGISTER REPORT 8. UCR Enroll in Unified Carrier Registration Drivers transporting property in commercial motor vehicles that weigh over 10,001 pounds, and / or have 8 passengers must: • Enroll in UCR annually online Pay an annual fee based on the number of trucks running under DOT # STATE PERMITS 9. Obtain Permits from States if necessary You may need additional permits for certain states and unusual loads • Weight Distance permits - if you are going to travel to KY, NM, NY or OR • Overweight/Oversize Permits - if you have a unusual load • HazMat - if you haul hazardous materials you need a special permit • Special Permits if you're driving on restricted roads 10 GET LOADS! 11 START TRUCKING! 12 KEEP RECORDS OF EVERYTHING! AND ASK QUESTIONS ALL THE TIME! Under most federal and state laws, ignorance is not bliss, so be sure you know what you're doing and why!! Records come in handy with: Tax planning, budgeting and financial projections INCOME TAXES: deductions and credits AUDITS Obtaining financing from creditors There you have it- a guideline to getting legally registered. Head on over to the Department of Transportation and start your engines! Sources 2290Tax .COm

The Long Road Ahead - A Checklist To Becoming A Trucker

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So you've decided to become a trucker, but what steps do you need to take to get started in your new career? This infographic details everything you will need, from purchasing the perfect truck to obt...


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