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Logo Design Trends 2020 [Part 1]

LOGO DESIGN 2020 TRENDS EVISUAL ELEMENTS The basic elements and principles of logo design influence the overall aesthetic and function of the logo. These are the essential parts that bring an entire logo into one compact and memorable graphic. What are we waiting for? Let us explore the latest logo design trends with a focus on the pillars of design. LINE REPETITION FOR INTERESTING LOOKS VY Parc Jean-Drapeau OBROLDAN VARIETY IN STROKE CURVES, DIRECTION AND WIDTH Charles Sturt 9 University wintershall dea THREAD UNIFORM LINES USED AS DASH OR UNDERLINE EaT OCRAFT FOOD w-T-C urbē CAMPUS - -ARDENNE w-T T-C COLOR GRADIENTS FROM LINEAR AND RADIAL TO FREEFORM ROUNDEL URBAN MEDIA MULTICOLORED PALETTE INSTEAD OF MONOCHROMATIC * slack TETRIS COLORADO COLOR GRADATION SWATCH CARD STYLE W sellx FUN FACT! Men and women see colors differently. » SHAPE •..... BASIC SHAPES FORMING LETTERS OR WORDS « City of Newcastle Doyle Dane Bernbach ANIMATE GEOMETRIC AND ORGANIC SHAPES • Production houses • Web-based businesses • Internet brands SHAPE ILLUSION TO GIVE A 3D PERSPECTIVE REFORM HAUS D'ART ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION LAYOUT UNORTHODOX LAYOUT NOT USED COMMONLY SAINT FINANCIAL ALLIANCE FOR WOMEN TRAA ARTS NEW YORK la Celombia inexplorada КАТЕ LEFT ALIGNED PARAGRAPH STYLE COMPOSITION EL 4 Columbia Business School PASO YUL Aéroport International Montréal-Trudeau ОPERA LABYRINTH STYLE LAYOUT FOR TEXT 响 ARC WARP OF TEXT COMPOSITION CORDELIA'S ANDR USA 个 E L E MARKET PALACE ECTIV PATTERNS MADE FROM SIMILAR SHAPES Любительская Велогонка 2019 Садовое кольцо ASAP Solutions International Co, Ltd First Național Bank of Manchester Tellimer BLOOMFIELDS TYPOGRAPHY UNEVEN OR CLOSE KERNING OF LETTERS ZARA FUN FACT! VA Kerning can change the meaning of words JOINED LETTERS TO FORM CURSIVE WRITING Impelo greenweez * Tillamook. BREAK THE FONT INTO GRAPHIC ELEMENTS CDFI RSA EINRB Alcohol and Drug Foundation ASCENDING OR DESCENDING LETTERS ES XERSUS CROYI STARS CSO ESTRA CINCINNATI SYMPHONY SIGNAL E-learning Stakeholders Researchers Summit ĀRTHRITIS 2018 LETTERS FORMING SHAPES ABB CANADA" SEU WASSUP MiRCHili HARBOR BEACH kicks RESIDENCES STYLISH SERIF IN FOCUS KENJO JEIK 8olis ,Bel, Benetti Die UNIQUE AND UNUSUAL TYPEFACES CHAÏTI NEWYORK MUSEUM OF GLASS NAMŲ NATIONAL ART MUSEUM OF UKRAINE FUN FACT! TTD Kerning can change the meaning of words SOURCES| tent/577c4f7fff7c50f540dd2fc5/1544044568690-UAQAJWYKKDA1BXZGFTYW/brea_logo_final.png?format=1000w&content-type=imag e%2Fpng /logodesignguru 8 +logodesigngurucorp @logodesignguru in /company/logodesignguru LOGO DESIGN GURUE 00000 :: Part 1:

Logo Design Trends 2020 [Part 1]

shared by logodesignguru on Jan 10
Part One of a three-part infographic series on Logo Design Trends 2020! Grab the latest trends ready to hit the market with a full swing. Which single trend inspires you the most?


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