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Location, Location, Location - Geo-marketing & Why it Matters

Location, & Location, Location. GEO-MARKETING & WHY IT MATTERS T. ocation, location, location." It's perhaps one of the most commonly recited marketing tenets. Traditionally, the phrase has been taken to mean that your business must be in the correct location, geographically, to be successful. As the world changes and as new technology emerges, the phrase seems to have taken on new meaning. Whether you have a retail location or not, you need to pay attention to the location of the consumer, and tailor your marketing message accordingly. This infographic briefly explores geo-marketing, why it matters, and how it can be used to grow your business. What is Geo-Marketing? The main premise behind geo-marketing is to display content to the user that's relevant to their location. Some common examples are below. Language-Sensitive Homepages A common example of geo-marketing is to detect the country of origin and display a language-sensitive homepage based on that information. USER НOMЕРАGЕ 您好 WEBSITE Users from Chinese language Chinese-speaking countries optimized homepage Language-sensitive website Hello Users from English language English-speaking countries optimized homepage Hyper-Local Ad-Serving Another example of geo-marketing is to serve ads based on the user's location. Google, Bing and most display networks support geo-marketing. USER TARGETED AD Uncle Vito's Pizza AD NETWORK San Francisco, CA Users from Targeted Regional Ad - San Francisco, CA. Search for "Pizza" Google Adwords Gino's Pizzeria Brooklyn, NY Users from Targeted Regional Ad - Brooklyn, NY Search for "Pizza" Hyper-Local Social Media Another example of geo-marketing is how small shop owners (local coffee shops, for example) leverage social media. Typically, these businesses have gathered social media followers who are in close proximity to the physical location of the business. This allows the business to send highly-targeted special offerings, sales, and events, etc. SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATES LOCAL BUSINESS aDUNKIN DONUTS Users who have "checked in" at $1 off coupon for those who have Dunkin Donuts in the Dunkin Donuts in Brooklyn, "checked in" at the Dunkin Donuts in Brooklyn, NY NY, using Foursquare. Brooklyn, NY, using Foursquare. AT&T's ShopAlerts In June 2011, AT&T created a "geo-fence" network around participating retail locations to send location-specific messages (deals, coupons, etc.) whenever The a subscriber came near. After the program ended, it was determined that AT&T "ShopAlerts" there was a 25% purchase conversion on some of the offers. Geo-Fence ARUNKIN ShopAlert Subscriber Retail Location Subscribers get messages relevant to their location Geo-Marketing by the Numbers The practice of geo-marketing is becoming easier and more widespread- partially due to the rise of location-aware hardware and software. ♡ 63% of smartphone users "frequently" use apps that require them to give their location (2010). 1000000000O Local online advertising expected to grow 255% to $35B by 2014 (U.S.) $35B $40B $30B $16.1B $13.7B $20B $10B 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 p 90% of U.S. marketing agencies had clients requesting geographically targeted online ad campaigns (2011). P 65% of companies are focusing on geographical context for their mobile marketing tactics (2011). The Benefits of Geo-Marketing Not only is geo-marketing becoming more popular-studies are finding that it's also cheaper and more effective than other forms of marketing. 9 50% of the visitors to Google Maps only do business with the top 3 results. Be sure to optimize your business directory listings. Extreme Pizza Una Pizza Napoletana 280 Patxi's Chicago Pizza Pauline's Pizza Uncle Vito's Pizza º 60% of advertising professionals say that geo-targeted ads deliver a stronger ROI than other buys (2011). Hyper-local marketing is cheaper, more effective than SEM (2011). A test conducted by one company suggested that hyper-local CTR was 30% higher than CTR for traditional search engine marketing (SEM). Further the Cost per Click (CPC) for that hyper-local segment was only 15% that of SEM. Additionally, impression volume for hyper-local was 17x the impression volume for SEM. CTR CPC Impression Volume SEM Hyper-local SEM Hyper-local SEM Hyper-local KISSmetrics can help you monitor geo-targeted conversion tests. Give us a try! AKISSmetrics Let's talk: +1 (888) 767-5477 PEOPLE PAY YOU. NOT PAGEVIEWS. KISSmetrics is a powerful web analytics solution that helps you make smarter business decisions. Try KISSmetrics for FREE: Special thanks to @emarketer, @visionwiz, @BFMweb, @mint_social, @streetfightmag, and @iab

Location, Location, Location - Geo-marketing & Why it Matters

shared by caldwell on Apr 30
Location, location, location. It’s perhaps one of the most commonly recited marketing tenets. Traditionally, the phrase has been taken to mean that your business must be in the correct location, geo...




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