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List Of Thermoplastics

adreco List Of THERMOPLASTICS POLYTHENE 1 This is one of the best-known thermoplastics, known outside manufacturing and engineering circles for its versatility as a packaging product. POLYCARBONATE This thermoplastic comes into its own when a strong transparent material is required It also has excellent impact resistance ACRYLIC 3 Acrylic is popular for its attractive finish and its versatile nature. It can be moulded in a wide variety of colours too. POLYAMIDE 4 Polyamide is better known as nylon and is a common material used in fabrics and sports equipment such as nets. POLYSTYRENE 5 High Impact Polystyrane is very popular, thanks to its tough nature and resistance to impacts and heavy knocks. POLYPROPYLENE (PP) Common thermoplastic, polypropylene (PP) is very floxiblo, rondering it perfect for such applications as athlotic clothing, rugs and car parts ACRYLONITRILE BUTADIENE STYRENE (ABS) This opaque thermoplastic is a terpolymer, made up of the three polymers, acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrone. POLYESTER 8 Another commonly known thermoplastic, used frequently in the production of clothing, bed wear and other household fabrics. adreco

List Of Thermoplastics

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Thermoplastic injection moulding is a common form of producing plastic parts and components for a wide range of uses, including packaging, automobile parts, medical devices, and toys. Here is an infog...


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