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LinkedIn Boot Camp - Basic Training for the Personal Marketer

LINKEDIN BOOT CAMP BASIC TRAINING FOR THE PERSONAL MARKETER LinkedIn is the proverbial dark horse of social media. We all in know it's there, but few use it to its full potential. This is a major mistake, especially when it comes to marketing your business. This LinkedIn basic boot camp training will give you the tools necessary to use the site for all your business and personal marketing needs. ARSENAL OF TOOLS LINKEDIN When it comes to marketing yourself and your business, most people go straight to Facebook because of the sheer size of its user base. But demographically speaking, LinkedIn has a leg up. THE MOVERS AND SHAKERS in 77% Linkedin has över 135 77 percent of LinkedIn users The average Million worldwide are age 25 and above. household income of members. : LinkedIn users is $109,000. A RUN THROUGH THE LINKEDİN GAUNTLET Linkedin is a network full of people who love, you guessed it, networking. They're the movers and shakers of their industries. These are the people you want to know about you and your busïness. Yes, Facebook and. Twitter can be powerful tools, but Linkedin users are known to be especially serious about their jobs, industry, and social network. With that in mind, you must shift tactics when it comes to marketing yourself-on LinkedIn, as conversations and content are geared more toward cultivating partnerships and advancing business than posting silly pictures from parties. The following training will get you in shape for the trials ahead. CORE CONDITIONING COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE Because your LinkedIn profile generally ranks in the top five Google search results for your first and last name, your profile must be completely filled out. First impressions are everything, and skimping on your personal profile will quickly decrease your value. Before moving on, take a few minutes to fill out your profile completely. ENDURANCE Some users believe it is only important to stay connected to those you already know and trust, but that only limits your network. Remember: There are 135 million members CONNECT WITH EVERYONE out there to connect with. Instead of being selective about people you add or accept, start connecting with more contacts and help them connect with each other. The more direct connections you have, the larger your overall network will be, creating more,business opportunities in the long run. GUNS & AMMO CUSTOMIZE YOUR URL AND WEBSITES Neglecting this no-brainer move is a rookie mistake. Luck- ily, it only takes a few minutes to correct. Wwhen filling out your profile, customize your URL to reflect your name. Find this in the "edit profile" screen. If you have a blog or web- site to add, select "other" in the dropdown menu and cus- tomize its name so that the full URL doesn't appear. A cus- tomized website name will inspire others to click through to your site(s). MUSCLE TONING Your profile now needs some pizazz, pop, and style, A bland and lifeless profile turns off potential contacts, so let your personal creativity shine through. Use stories, video SPICE UP YOUR IMAGE recommendations, etc., to quickly tell others who you are, what you're all about, and how you can help them out. HAND-TO- HAND COMBAT RECOMMEND OTHERS The laws of karma apply here: The more you give, the more you receive. A solid recommendation can potentially change someone else's life by setting them up with their future employer. Recommend others as much as you can, and they will reciprocate. HEAVY LIFTING Linkedin groups give you the most mileage out of your Linkedin experience. Whatever your industry or business, JOIN GROUPS join groups that will put you in touch with other experts in your industry. Try starting your own group and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Like a mini social network, these niche groups will foster discussion, spread your mes- såge, and connect you with key people, A TON SELF AWARENESS TAM AWESOME. ADD YOUR COMPANY PROFILE Now that your profile is up to speed, it's time to take it a step further by creating a profile for your company. You can add video and provide information about your company, services, and employees. This gives your company great exposure, providing marketing potential. It also gives personal profile visibility to those landing on your business page. т TARGET PRACTICE Many people use Linkedln to search for experts in their field, a new job, or connections. They search for keywords on LinkedIn that you can rank highly in. Optimization takes a bit of time and effort, but it's welI worth it when you rank number one when someone searches for "social" or "management," OPTIMIZE YOUR SEARCH RANKINGS for example. YOU CAN OPTIMIZE YOUR RANKING BY INCORPORATING YOUR DESIRED KEYWORDS INTO YOUR HEADLINE YOUR CURRENT WORK EXPERIENCE YOUR PAST WORK EXPERIENCE YOUR SPECIALTIES YOUR SUMMARY SPECIAL WEAPONS ADD APPLICATIONS There are a variety of applications that LinkedIn has integrated into its site that make it easy for you to promote your work and improve your profile's overall visitor experienc. Browse through the applications and see which ones will work best for you, your industry, and your overall miessage. OCT ReadingList by amazon 28 tweets You'VE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED LINKEDİN BOOT CAMP, BUT THE FIGHT ISN'T OVER. DIVE IN AND START EXPLORING LINKEDIN TO FIND OUT HOW ELSE YOU CAN MARKET YOURSELF. in V... SOURCE: LEWISHOWES.COM BLUELINERNY.COM LINKEDIN.COM

LinkedIn Boot Camp - Basic Training for the Personal Marketer

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LinkedIn is the proverbial dark horse of social media. We all know it's there, but few use it to its full potential. This is a major mistake, especially when it comes to marketing your business. This ...


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