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Lighting, Atmosphere and Plants for a Happy Office.

Lighting, ((Atmosphere)) &. Plants? ....... In Pursuit of a Happy Office The State of Workplace Productivity "Which of the following have you experienced?" Older Gen Baby Boomers Total Millennials Gen X Work Overload. 50% 58% 48% 49% 48% Information Overload. 34% 41% 31% 33% 31% Technology Overload.. 25% 38% 21% 24% 20% None of These. 37% 28% 40% 41% 38% - highest in each generation (From a recent study by Cornerstone) How Many Hours Do We Work Around the World (Hours per Week) Americas Asia Australasia Europe 30 hours 40 50 . Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands . New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal • Russian Federation Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom United States 30 hours 40 50 . How Do You Make Working Life as Comfortable as Possible? 1) Lighting Often overlooked, the lighting in your office is a great way to improve employee happiness and productivity. Avoid: Dim Lighting Harsh Lighting Causes: Causes: · Drowsiness • Lack of Focus · Eye Strain • Migraine Headaches Alternatives: Natural Uniform Lighting Lighting Results in: Results in: • Happier Workers • Less Absenteeism • Fewer Illnesses • Increased Productivity · Reduced Visual Strain & Discomfort · Fewer Errors • Improved Posture, Performance & Health of Workers. Where Possible Opt for Uniform Lighting Over Localised Lighting Uniform Localised Local tips Combine both natural and artificial lights to improve your workplace lighting. Light sources should be well located; illuminating the workplace as well as entrances and corridors. A workplace should have comfortable and uniform illumination. The CIBSE Code for Lighting Recommends: 750 lux 500 lux 300 lux 450 lux in general offices, CAD work stations & meeting in in rooms this is mechanical workshops & supermarkets used for tasks such as filing equivalent to sunrise or sunset on a clear day rooms 2) Invigorate the Senses Sight The colours that you choose to paint your office with can have a profound effect on happiness and productivity. BLUE GREEN Shown to increase productivity and stimulates employees to work harder. Because of its relation to nature green helps create a relaxed work environment. WHITE YELLOW Often associated with optimism and creating an office that has a uniformed feel. Considered a positive colour yellow has been shown to increase concentration. Sound In a recent survey by UK licensing organisations, 77% of businesses said music at work: Improved Increased the Employee Morale Atmosphere The Best Music to Listen to Improve Productivity Classical Ambient Soundtracks Smell The mood and productivity of an office can be improved by smell – something that most companies wouldn't even think of. Lemon Lavender Known to promote concentration and has a relaxing effect on employees. The calming properties within lavender have a soothing effect on nerves and can reduce stress. Peppermint Rosemary Perfect for brainstorming as it invigorates the mind and is a natural energy booster. Improves memory retention, fights physical exhaustion, headaches and mental fatigue. Research carried out by fragrance producer Takasag, found that typing errors were reduced by: 54% 33% 20% When the workplace was scented with. Lemon Jasmine Lavender 3) Plants Research carried out by the University of Exeter found that plants can: +47% +47% +38% Increase Well-Being Increase Increase Creativity Productivity In the 1980's, NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America studied plants as a way to filter and purify air, including: Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum) Snake Plant |(Sansevieria Trifasciata) Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum 'Mauna Loa') Sources: facebook-group-employee-behavior-happiness wwwlabour govhk/eng/public/oh/OHB50.pdf 306119 en.html electricalsupplies.couk

Lighting, Atmosphere and Plants for a Happy Office.

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This infographic shows how you can improve the happiness and productivity in your work place by investing in the correct lighting, calming plants and items that will provide a happier atmosphere for y...




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